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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enter the world of dragons with Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb

I would have never thought a series about dragons could have captured my attention so completely, but the “River Wild Chronicles” by Robin Hobb has done just that.

The second book in her series, “Dragon Haven” continues the story of the erstwhile band of misfits, both human and dragon, as they journey to find the fabled city of Kelsingra where dragons and humans once lived in harmony.

The plucky little group of Dragon keepers are all teens affected by the acidic living conditions of the Rain Wilds forest, and have for the most part, been banished by the elders of their home in guise of caring for the sickly herd of dragons. (are dragons a herd?)

Guided along by the rough and tumble Captain Leftrin and his liveship (which has been made from dragon casings and has magical abilities) Tarman, the keepers, the hunters, and the dragons, accompanied by the dragon expert Alyse and her companion Sedric, the ragtag group trod on towards what all hope to be a final resting place for the creatures, one and all.

A miraculous seems to be occurring along the journey – the dragons all seem to be growing stronger and more resilient to the adversities the group encounters, while the keepers begin to take on characteristics of their charges, growing scales and beginning to understand their dragons mentally and physically. When a sudden flash flood threatens to wash the entire troupe away, they all find inner strengths and abilities never before encounters.

There is also a hidden menace among the group that threatens the success of the adventure, and it is a surprise to all to find out where those threats originate and how close to creating disaster the culprit has been.

Robin Hobbs spins a fascinating and enthralling tale with her “Rain Wild Chronicles,” drawing her readers into her fantasy world with fantastic descriptions and engaging characters. Even the difficult names and places become easier to understand as the novel progress, and the thoughts of teens with claws and scales, and talking arrogant dragons seem quite normal after a while. Can’t wait for the next book!

NOTE: The pictures, except for the book jacket, have nothing to do with the book, I just liked them!

My thanks to Pam Jaffee at Harper Collins/William Morrow books for the review copy of Dragon Haven. Yes, you have broaden my reading horizons!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review. I was not compensated for my opinon.

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