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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Romances smolder in the heat!

We’re in the heat of the summer now, and what better way to to spend a hot day is to grab a nice cool drink and a sizzling romance!

Here are two new releases that are sure to set fire to anyone’s imagination!

My Dangerous Duke
By Gaelen Foley
Avon Books; $7.99

When she was brought against her will to Kilburn Castle, Kate Madsen was sure life as she knew it was over…and she was right.

But instead of finding a violent monster of a man, she encounters a strong but stubborn Duke of Warrington who has fought all his life against a curse that hangs over his family’s name. And in turn, Rohan Kilburn, Duke of Warrington, finds not a drunken hellcat, but a refined young lady whose life seems to be somehow tied to his and who desperately needs his protection.

As the two learn more and more about their families’ past, their future together seems tenious, unless they find the key to unlock the curse that threatens the love they both need so much.

In Gaelen Foley’s second book in her Inferno Club series, she brings to her readers a passionate, sensual, and thrilling story that will cause hearts to race and fingers to turn the pages faster. I, for one, can’t wait for Gaelen’s next book!

The Brazen Bride
By Stephanie Laurens
Avon Books; $7.99
When Logan Monteith washes up on the unforgiving, frigid Guernsey shore he was battered and wounded and had no clue where he was or even who he was. But he knew that he must have been involved in a mighty battle and that others must be depending on him somewhere…if only he could remember.

With few men around, Linnet Trevission was head of her family and ruled her kingdom with love and firmness. But when the handsome soldier washes up in her cove, desperately needing her help and care, Linnet wonders for the first time in her young life what it would be like to share her burdens with someone she could come to love.

As Logan slowly heals and regains his memory, Linnet knows it’s only a matter of time before he rejoins his fellow soliders in pursuing the evil cult headed by the Black Cobra. But would he allow her to help him in his battles? And will their love for each other be strong enough to help them brave the violence that will come their way?

With “The Brazen Bride,” the third book of her Black Cobra Quartet series, author Stephanie Laurens continues to dazzle her readers with her well-crafted stories that feature passionate couples, intriguing, exciting stories, and above all, exquisite romance. Each story is unique and able to stand alone, yet ties together with the previous tales, resulting in a great example of maintaining continuity.

Put a little smolder in your summer with a little bit of excitement and a whole lot of romance!

Thanks to Avon Books for the review copies of these two books. I was not compensated for my opinions.

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