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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Release Tuesday: Kiss of The Rose by Kate Pearce

There’s a whole lot of blood flowing at the court of King Henry VIII, and we’re not talking about his hobby of lopping off the heads of his wives!

Vampires are lurking about, and the very lives of Henry and his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, are in danger.

Set against the rich tapestry of sixteenth century England, “Kiss of the Rose,” the first book in the Tudor Vampire Chronicles by Kate Pearce, promises to be a unique and thrilling series that will delight fans of vampire fiction, and historical romance enthusiasts as well.

The Llewellyn family, members of the ancient society of Druids, had pledged to keep the Tudor family safe from vampires in a pact dating back to the original Henry Tudor, and in light of this new threat have sent their finest vampire hunter, Lady Rosalind, to protect the King.

As Rosalind tries to determine which member of the court is the vampire who is causing the chaos, she finds herself up against Sir Christopher Ellis, the representative for the mysterious Vampire Council and trained Druid slayer. As the two are forced to join force to flush out the rouge vampire, they soon find their attraction to each other may have been preordained. As events rush to a thrilling finale, would Rosalind and Christopher be strong enough to resist the inevitable lust that rules their hearts?

Combining history, the paranormal, and a whole lot of sensual excitement, author Kate Pearce deftly delivers “Kiss Of The Rose,” a distinctive historical romance/paranormal tale that fans of both genres are sure to scoop up and enjoy.

“Kiss of the Rose” is the first book in a series which will follow each of the six wives of Henry VIII, and I look forward to the continuation of these fascinating tales.

Check out Kate's website for an excerpt from the book, plus a fascinating contest to win goodies with a "Kiss Of The Rose."


My thanks to Gaylene at Nancy Berland Public Relations for the advanced readers copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.


Nikki-ann said...

Sounds like it puts a whole new spin on Henry VIII and his wives!

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

Poor ol' Henry still doesn't have a clue though! This promises to be a fun series!