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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst

When her only son Milo was a little boy, novelist Octavia Frost delighted in the made-up songs he would sing for her, claiming to be from the famous “Nobodies” album that existed in his active imagination. Now Milo is a big rock star, and he and Octavia are estranged and haven’t spoken in years after he reads one of her books and feels that she has exposed all their family tragedies and secrets.

Hoping to reconnect with her son, Octavia uses that sweet childhood memory as inspiration, creating all new endings for her books, removing all personal references that might be read into them. She combines them into a collection she calls “The Nobodies Album,” a book she also hopes will rejuvenate her career.

But on her way to deliver the completed manuscript to her editor, Octavia notices a news flash on the media scroll in Times Square – her son has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. Reeling from the news, she wants to rush to his side, but doesn’t know if he’ll welcome her or shut her out, but it’s a chance she is willing to take.

Author Carolyn Parkhurst takes an in-depth look at the complex relationship dance between mothers and sons in her novel, “The Nobodies Album.”

Arriving in California, Octavia must depend on Milo’s friends and associates for news of her son and the case pending against him. She learns that her son has had a troubled past, but still believes that there is no way he could have killed his girlfriend in the gruesome manner the police have reported. As Octavia seeks to piece clues together, she is gifted with the opportunity to visit Milo at the home of famed musician Roland Nyland, where he has been staying. As she meets with Milo and works to mend the riff between them, she discovers that the people surrounding Milo might not be exactly who they present themselves to be, and that a murderer is lurking among them.

Parkhurst has crafted a fascinating story that builds with excitement and intrigue with each chapter. She also includes the “chapter endings” of her main character Octavia’s books, plus the “alternative endings,” giving insight to the writing of the character and how her writing influences the overall story. Parkhurst also captures the lifestyle of a rock musician’s world and the people who orbit around the hectic and often-time maniac lifestyle.

“The Nobodies Album” is a well-written, fast-paced family drama with a surprising twist at the end that will keep readers enthralled.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for fair review. I was not compensated for my opinion.


mary kennedy said...

This looks terrific, so glad you posted the review. I love books set in the world of entertainment--and the relationship angle is intriguing. A keeper!

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

Thank you Mary! I loved the mother/son dynamic in the book...having four sons, I could relate to the mom's frustration!