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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's Gone Country by Jane Porter

It’s hard being the mom of boys, especially teenaged boys. Trust me - with four of my own - been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

This little fact of life has hit Shey Darcy hard as she tries to make a new life for herself and her three sons. But this gal is Texas born and bred, and despite the odds, she’s determined to give her boys the quality of life they need to become good men, no matter how daunting the task seems.

In her new book, “She’s Gone Country,” author Jane Porter takes her readers to North Central Texas – where the men are handsome, independent and stubborn and the women are beautiful and feisty!
Picking up the pieces of her family’s shattered life that was devastated by her husband of 17 years’ announcement that he was leaving her for another man, Shey Darcy heads back to the Texas ranch where she grew up, her boys in tow. But coming home isn’t always easy, and Shey soon finds that a whole new world of drama and trauma opens up as she attempts to make peace with her past and looks forward to a new future for herself and her family.

While her older boys Hank and Bo have trouble adjusting to small town living, Shey’s youngest boy Cooper takes to the ranch life like a duck to water. When he announces that he wants to learn to be a bull rider and take lessons from World champion Dane Kelly, Shey is shocked to feel a little piece of her heart begin to open up again as the man who changed her life so many years ago steps back into her life. Struggling with her renewed feelings for Dane, Shey is also dealing with hard-headed brothers, a meddling momma, family feuds, and an interfering soon-to-be ex-husband as she tries to resurrect her former modeling career at the ripe old age of 39.

You gotta be tough to be a Texas gal!

Jane Porter beautifully captures the warmth of family togetherness, along with the exquisite flutterings of a renewed romance with “She’s Gone Country,” her sixth mainstream novel. Set in the heart of North Central Texas in the fictional town of Parkerfield (located somewhere around Weatherford, Mineral Wells and Stephenville, but not quite!), Porter shows that she has a good idea of the lifestyle of the area with the closeness of small town life with the access to the big cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Porter also includes a couple of side stories – one dealing with teenage depression and the other with family violence – that give the novel a deeper grounding in the realities of life today. Fans of her work, which includes “Flirting with Forty (which was made into a movie starring Jennifer Aniston),” “Odd Mom Out,” and “Easy On The Eyes,” will recognize characters from those stories who make appearances in “She’s Gone Country.”

If you like romantic fiction, you’ll adore this story, and if you like tales of Texas life, you will enjoy it as well. Slip on your boots and go a little country too!

Check out Jane Porter's website at http://www.janeporter.com/ for information on Jane's books, and two incredible contests that she is running in conjunction with the release of "She's Gone Country."

I received a copy of this book from Book Sparks Public Relations.

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Sharon I am not a fan of cowboy anything - I do not like country music, cowboys related books, line dancing.... that said.... your review makes me now want to read this book that I had decided at first site was not for me.