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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hangman by Faye Kellerman - A fascinating mystery!

I have a confession to make -

I have not read any of Faye Kellerman's novels.  And now that I have read her latest book, "Hangman," this is one oversight in my reading that I fully intend to correct!

When an author has a series as prolific as Faye Kellerman’s “Decker/Lazarus” novels, it could be a little difficult for a first time reader to step into novel number nineteen and be able to pick up on the gist of the story, but with “Hangman,” I, as a first time reader, had no problem whatsoever in diving right into the family of Pete Decker and Rina Lazarus and know exactly who, when, where and what was going on! 

Now, to me, that’s the sign of a great writer!

L.A.P.D. Lieutenant Pete Decker is a busy man with two pressing cases on his hands. The first involves the strange death of Adrianna Blanc, a nurse who was found hanging at a building construction site. While questioning her family and friends, Decker picks up on a series of coincidences and unexplained murders that leads him and his crew on a merry chase to find a killer before another young woman loses her life.

Decker’s second case is a little closer to home. When long-time acquaintance Terry McLaughlin asks Decker to supervise a visit from her some-what volatile husband Chris Donatti, Decker helps her to negotiate what appears to be a peaceful separation. But when Terry’s 14 year old son, Gabriel calls to report his mother is missing and his father is not returning phone calls, Decker has a feeling all was not as it seemed. He invites Gabe to stay with his family while the search for his parents is on, and find the shy young

 music prodigy soon adapts to the rowdy, rambunctious Decker/Lazarus family’s ways. Good thing, since his stay seems to becoming more permanent by the day.

Fans of Kellerman’s family-oriented detective series will love catching up with the family, friends and colleagues of Pete Decker and his lovely wife, Rina Lazarus. Kellerman incorporates a lively and fascinating story of this family's life with a fast-paced, spellbinding police mystery that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat to the very last page.

Check out Faye Kellerman's website for more information on her books, and upcoming projects - http://www.fayekellerman.net/

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Laura Fabiani said...

I haven't read any Faye Kellerman books either. And this one sounds like a great mystery.