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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ice Cream Theory by Steff Deschenes - Book Blog Tour Stop

Ice Cream - is there a yummier, sweeter treat in the world than a big helping of ice cream?  Just the thought makes you drool a bit, doesn't it?

But what if you were judged by what flavor of ice cream people thought you might be?  This is the premise behind the deliciously sweet book, The Ice Cream Theory by Steff Deschenes.

In Deschenes' opinion, friendships and relationships can be summed up in much the same way that you pick your ice cream flavors!  There are the plain vanilla, but totally dependable ones, there are the exotic daring ones that flit in and out of your life for a reason, and there are the absolute favorites that bring joy and comfort into your life forever.

In a lively, humorous manner, Steff Deschenes takes her reader on a tour of her life and relationships via the world of ice cream - and with all things in life, she has discovered sometimes it's bitter, sometimes it's salty, and sometimes it's very sweet - but all in all, life, like ice cream, is pretty enjoyable any way you look at it!

By the way, after reading "The Ice Cream Theory," I asked my husband what flavor of ice cream I would be to him - his answer: "Peaches and Cream, because you are luscious and sweet with just a touch of tartness!"....aww!  And to me, he's Butter Pecan Praline - kinda sweet and kinda nutty, but ohhh so good! 

Here's A Little More About The Book:

The Ice Cream Theory is ice-cream guru Steff Deschenes’s charming exploration of the parallels between human personalities and ice-cream flavors, a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the variety inherent in a well-lived life

The Theory was hatched when Deschenes was trying to make sense of her first heartbreak.  In the midst of that grief, she realized that, in the same way humans have ice-cream preferences, humans have people preferences. Like ice cream flavors, social preferences shift based on age, experience, even mood. There are exotic flavors that one craves when feeling daring, comforting flavors to fall back on, flavors long-enjoyed that eventually wear out their welcome, and those unique flavors that require an acquired taste. Like people, no ice cream flavor is perfect every single time . . . and it is in this realization that the crux of Deschenes’s theory lies.

Deschenes neatly brings together anecdotes from her own adventures with broader-reaching social commentary to help others recognize the wisdom and joy inherent in a beloved dessert.

With its cheeky self-help slant, The Ice Cream Theory is an endearing and light-hearted addition to any bookshelf.  It’s a must read for anyone bruised by life’s tough lessons and in need of a cheerful pick me up!

About Steff Deschenes:

Despite a failed attempt at majoring in ice cream in college, Steff Deschenes is a self-taught ice-cream guru. After publishing the now twelve-time award-winning The Ice Cream Theory, she began exploring food on a more universal level. As a result, she now photo blogs daily herself at dinner and the challenges of being a vegetarian in a predominantly seafood-oriented state. Steff also writes two articles a week entitled “Maybe It’s Me” (personal essays and reflection on life and the living of it) and “Fact Is Better” (real life conversations she couldn’t make up if she tried); all of which can be found at http://www.steffdeschenes.com/. You can also visit her at http://www.theicecreamtheory.com/.

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