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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letters To Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare’s Greatest Heroine, The Magical City of Verona, And The Power of Love

There is no world without Verona walls...
Heaven is here, where Juliet lives.


Every year hundreds of letters come pouring into the post office in Verona, Italy – all with one person in mind. They are all addressed to Juliet – the fictional heroine of William Shakespeare’s renowned play “Romeo and Juliet.” And each and every one of these letters are painstakingly read and answered by a group of ladies (and some gentlemen) who are known as the “Juliet Club.

And what are in these letters? Pleas to the one woman in the world who knows a thing or two about unrequited love – Juliet herself.

In their book, “Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare’s Great Heroine, The Magical City of Verona and The Power Of Love,” sisters Lisa and Ceil Friedman explore the fascination the entire world has with the legendary teenage Juliet.

The sisters discover that the guardianship of the legend of Juliet is one that the City of Verona has tended to for over seven decades. Although the Shakespeare characters are fictional, they are based in part on historical families who once resided in the beautiful Italian village, and each year thousands of visitors descend on the town looking for anything related to the beloved “Juliet” and her “Romeo.”

In addition to their diligence in answering the letters sent to “Juliet,” the town maintains the buildings and other sites that are a part of the legend, including “Juliet’s” tomb and the Friedman sisters include this background information, along with several delicious recipes that have been inspired by the characters of “Romeo and Juliet.”

 Filled with gorgeous photographs and luminous artwork, this book includes samples of the many letters that are received, many humorous and light, some heart-wrenching – but all seeking the same thing – advice on their love lives from the lady who is the epitome of young love – Juliet.

With the fascination with all things Juliet – books, movies, and more, “Letters to Juliet” is a wonderful companion to understanding the legend, the lore and the history surrounding this beloved literary character.

The Juliet Club has a wonderful website that tells the story of the ladies who answer the letters, as well as having information on the various contests and festivals that are associated with Verona and the beloved Juliet.  Check out their website here - http://www.julietclub.com/

(This book is from my personal collection.)

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This book sounds interesting. I was just talking about Romeo and Juliet today to another book blogger.