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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scoop To Kill by Wendy Lyn Watson is a cool treat!

Even though Summer is almost at an end, any time of year, or day for that matter, is a good time for ice cream!

And when you combine ice cream with a deliciously suspenseful mystery, you only have to turn to Wendy Lyn Watson and her Mystery A La Mode series for a yummy scoop of murder and fun!

Wendy's latest book in this series is "Scoop To Kill." Here is a little more about it -


Tallulah Jones may be the proprietor of Dalliance, Texas’s old-fashioned ice cream parlor, but she’s no stranger to cold-blooded murder . . .No one is more shocked than Tally when the local college serves up a double dip of death.  During the annual Honor’s Day festivities, Tally’s niece Alice stubles upon the body of a graduate student.  Suspicion falls on teh English professor he accused of sexual harassment, but a couple days later, she’s found dead too.

Tally steps out from behind the counter of Remember the A-la-mode to clear the professor’s name.  But in an English department sprinkled with failing students, cutthroat academics, and extramarital affairs, the list of suspects rivals A-la-mode’s choice of flavors. When Alice gets chillingly close to a killer, Tally realizes she must act fast before someone else is put on ice.

My Review -

Although this is the second book in Wendy's series (the first was "I Scream, You Scream"), I picked up on the back story quickly and was throughly entertained by the well-crafted story as well as the warm and lively cast of characters. While I admired main character and slueth Tally Jones, I really got a kick out of her cousin - the hoochie momma with a big heart - Bree. She was the true impedimy of a big-haired sexy Texas gal - all brass and sass!

The mysteries that the story is centered around and the search for the culprits moved along quickly, always a good thing in a cozy mystery, and the romance department was well tended with Tally and Cal McCormack being a couple to watch in future books!

Wendy's inclusion of a few recipes for the delicious sounding dishes described in the book are sure to please fans, especially the Pink Pepperberry Shake!  That one, I've got to try!

For more information on Wendy Lyn Watson and her books, check out her website at http://www.wendylynwatson.com/

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dollycas aka Lori said...

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! Can't wait for #3!!