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Friday, October 8, 2010

It's The Weekend Already?? Blog Hopping Around!!

WOW, that week went by fast!  Here it is Friday again, and I'm rather stunned to find out a whole week has passed by!  I did get a lot of reading done this week, and hope to get more over the weekend...maybe one of these days I'll catch up with myself!

But here's the weekend, and let's have some fun!  Don't forget to enter my CSN Stores drawing - I'll pull a name tomorrow for a winner!!  Plus, my 300th Follower Contest - I've got a really nice prize for that as well!  The info is above at the top of my blog! (right under the header!)

Here's a couple of fun memes I participate in over the weekend! 

Java at Never Growing Old sponsor this lively group of ladies!  Check out her blog at http://nevergrowingold.blogspot.com/

Book Blog Hop is a weekly meme sponsored by Crazy For Books (http://www.crazy-for-books.com/

 Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Happy Reading Ya'll!


notjustlaura said...

It's funny how time seems to travel fast or slow depending on what's going on in your life, isn't it? I've had period pain *all* week and it's dragged and dragged!

Kimberly said...

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Betsy @ Zen Mama said...

Great blog! I'm a huge reader and got some great ideas from your blog. I'm following from the over 40 FF. Hope you'll come by www.zen-mama.com.

Pris said...

Hi! I am stoppping in from the Friday Blog hop... nice blog! I am a new follower... oh and I like a HOT drink while I'm reading or blogging! Check out my blog and follow back if you want!