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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kill The Dead by Richard Kadrey - lots of spooky fun!

Now, if you like your horror stories with a little camp, a little quirkiness and a whole lot of blood and gore – “Kill The Dead: A Sandman Slim Novel” by Richard Kadrey will be right up your alley!

Lucifer has come to Hollywood and chaos in the form of fallen angels, vampires and zombies has been turned loose, and it’s up to Sandman Slim aka James Stark to put a lid on all the foolishness before somebody pokes an eye out.

Since his return from his all-expenses paid, eleven year trip to Hell, Stark has been working for the “Golden Vigil,” a kind of angelic hit squad working for God who is somehow gotten tied up with Homeland Security. But when Lucifer calls upon him to act as his bodyguard while he’s in town to shoot a bio-film of his life, how can Stark say no? Especially when he is a little more than suspicious that Lucifer might just be good ol’ dad!

So between running with the Devil himself, making sure that the zombies who are going nuts don’t completely wipe out the population of Los Angeles and seeing to it that his very small group of friends don’t get overly involved in the mess, Stark finds a bit of time to get to know the cute little Czech porn star/vampire killer Brigitte – a gal who really knows how to slay the undead. Life is never dull for the Sandman.

Richard Kadrey combines humor and horror together to create a lively, scary tale of urban warfare with plenty of gory action in “Kill The Dead.” It probably helps to have read Kadrey’s first book, “Sandman Slim” to know the complete story of “James Stark,” but first time readers can quickly pick up on the action in this second novel to completely enjoy the spine-tingling fun.

About the Author:
Richard Kadrey has published four novels, including Butcher Bird, and more than 50 stories. His story Carbon Copy was made into the feature film After Amy starring Bridget Fonda. He lives in San Francisco, CA.  Check out his website at http://www.richardkadrey.com/ for more spookiness!


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