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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lending a Hand for a Cozy Author! A Special Request and A Review of DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS: A Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins

I like to think that the book blogger community is a close network of people who have a passion for reading, and within that community and like with most friends, there are different circles for different interests.

It's no secret that I love cozy mysteries, and I have found that the circle of fans and authors who love cozy mysteries are particularly close. When one of this close-knit group celebrates, everyone celebrates. And when one of this group of friends hurts, everyone bands together to try and help the best they can.

This past week, one of the finest cozy mystery authors, Kate Collins, lost her husband to a sudden heart attack. I can not imagine the devastation Kate must be feeling to lose the man she loved, and I send her my most heartfelt condolences.

On Tuesday, October 5th, Kate has a new book, DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS, the tenth book in her Flower Shop Mystery series, coming out.

Obviously with all that is taking place in her life right now, she is not going to be able to promote this book as she would have wanted had circumstances been different.  Fellow cozy author Denise Swanson suggested that anyone who loved cozies, both writers and readers, band together to help put the word out about Kate's new book.

So I am helping out the best I can - I'm telling you, my readers and followers, about Kate Collins' lovely new book, and I'm asking, if you are in a book buying mood, if you would consider purchasing a copy or two of Kate's book.

Here is a little about the book:

New Chapel, Indiana is bursting with excitment when one of their own, rising star Cody Verse, comes to town. But the homecoming isn't all fun and games - Cody is back home because he is being sued by his best friend, and fellow songwriter, Andrew Chappell, for supposedly claiming sole ownership to a song they both wrote together.

But when Cody's lawyer, high-powered albiet scuz-ball lawyer Ken "the Lip" Lipinski, is found dead from a suspicious overdose, florist and amateur sleuth Abby Knight finds it hard to swallow that Dave Hammond, his opposing counsel and her old boss, is the murderer.

So Abby enlists the help of the handsome, sweet (and secret fiance) Marco Salvare and the rest of her eccentric but lovable family and friends to help her find the real killer. But Abby had better be careful, or the culprit she is stalking just might turn on Abby next!

Kate Collins' Flower Shop Mysteries are always lively and full of intrigue, and DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS is no exception. Her kooky cast of characters just seem like folks you'd love to get to know and Collins catches her readers up on everyone's lives and events while delivering a mystery that will keep you wondering "who dunnit" to the very last chapter!

So, once again, if you are buying books this week, please consider adding Kate's book to your basket!  It's a wonderful story, by a wonderful author - and I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Thank you. 


Haupi said...

While I don't know Kate Collins I'm always sad to hear of someone's husband passing - and so I'm sure she appreciates your help. Great review. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "Hi" - the 40+ers on Java's link are the best. Happy Saturday!

Cozy in Texas said...

How very sad. Thanks for sharing this on your blog.
Cozy In Texas