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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pinned for Murder: A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery - Just Released TODAY!

No matter how idyllic any small town might be, it’s probable that there is going to be one ol’ grouch who isn’t satisfied with anything. For Sweet Briar, South Carolina, that one sour apple is Martha Jane Barker, an older lady who wasn’t happy about anyone or anything. And considering she was the next door neighbor to one of the sweetest ladies in town, retired teacher Rose Winters, the contrast was startling. But no matter how disagreeable Martha Jane might have been, no one in Sweet Briar would want to see her dead . . . or would they?

In Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s new book, PINNED FOR MURDER, the third installment of her Southern Sewing Circle Mystery series, a mysterious murder that involves one of their own has the Sweet Briar Ladies’ Society Sewing Circle in a tizzy, and they once again look to their favorite librarian Tori Sinclair to help piece together the clues.

After a devastating tropical storm ravages Sweet Briar, many of the town folks are busy cleaning up the damage left behind, some with the help of a band of drifters who have come to town seeking work. Tori has her hands full at the library which has lost a lot of books due to the storm, but when she hears that fellow Sewing Circle member Rose’s house was heavily hit, she and the other ladies are concerned about their friend. Rose assures them that her former student, Kenny Murdock, will be doing her repairs as soon as he finishes up next door at Martha Jane Barker’s house. But when Martha Jane is found strangled to death in her bedroom and all her stashed-away money is gone, all suspicions turn to Kenny, who is known for having a violent temper.

Something doesn’t seem quite right to Tori, and she begins to check into the crime and Kenny’s involvement as a favor to her dear friend Rose. With the help of her beau, Milo, and the ladies of the sewing circle, Tori soon finds that one should never make assumptions when it comes to murder – especially when somebody has been playing Robin Hood about town – taking from the rich to give to the poor.

Mixing a suspenseful story with a dash of down-home flavor, Elizabeth Lynn Casey once again offers an up-close look at Southern small-town living with PINNED FOR MURDER. Visiting with the charmingly eccentric folks of Sweet Briar is like taking a trip back home and readers will enjoy catching up on all the gossip from the ladies of the sewing circle, as well as a peek into the romantic relationship between Tori and Milo.

Elizabeth also includes instructions on making the fleece scarves and hats that the ladies of the sewing circle are busy making for Tori’s charity project!

So, grab a nice cool glass of sweet tea and sit a’spell with this delightful mystery – you’ll be glad you did.

Check out Elizabeth’s website at www.elizabethlynncasey.com for more information on the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries. You’ll find Elizabeth’s cyber-sewing circle to be a fun place to gather to talk about books, writing, sewing, and a little bit of everything else!

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