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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knit The Season: A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel by Kate Jacobs

The holidays always bring about a special amount of stress for most people, and in her book, "Knit The Season," author Kate Jacobs captures the hectic chaos that rolls around from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years Day!

For Dakota Walker, this year’s celebratory season has one stress-filled event after another piled on top of each other. Not only is she struggling to keep her mother’s legacy at the Walker and Daughter knitting shop and the Friday Night Knitting Club intact, but she is also helping her 80-year old surrogate grandmother Anita prepare for her wedding, as well as taking on a cooking internship at one of the hottest hotels in New York City. With so much to do and prepare for, Dakota’s family and friends urge her to take a moment to slow down and consider what all is going on in her life before everything explodes or implodes!

Matriarch of the group Anita Lowenstein is once again planning her oft-postponed nuptials to her beloved Marty, this time to take place on New Year’s Eve – whether her oldest son Nathan likes it or not! Sophisticated antique shop owner (and Georgia’s best friend) Catherine is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her Italian lover Marco and hoping maybe he’ll be inspired by all the wedding preparations to pop the question. Peri, the manager of the knitting shop and pocketbook designer, has an offer that will make her dreams come true, if she dares accept it; Darwin is busily raising her twin babies, Lucie is juggling her elderly mother and her lively daughter, and KC is bemoaning it all, when she secretly desires to have a piece of the happiness pie herself.

But the main story revolves around Dakota as she matures into a talented and sought-after chef-in-training. She struggles to please everyone, including her father who has surprised her with a Christmas trip to see her beloved great-grandmother in Scotland, but when she is offered a chance to intern over Christmas in one of the snazziest restaurants in town, Dakota is conflicted over which she should choose – family or career. Her choice will surprise and delight readers.

In “Knit The Season,” author Kate Jacobs continues her stories of the strong and fascinating women of the Friday Night Knitting Club. The group, first organized by Dakota’s mother, the late Georgia Walker, is still going strong and being supportative to each other in their various adventures, romances, crises and more. Jacobs’ imaginative storytelling skills gives life to each of the female characters in this series, and it’s intriguing and heartwarming to read of their development over the three books that began with “The Friday Night Knitting Club.”

Fans of Kate Jacobs’ books will be charmed with this continuation of a beloved series. Here’s hoping for more stories of the Friday Night Knitting Group down the road!


Lelia said...

Glad there is another book in the series! Will have to find one a the book store.

Mystica said...

Heard so much positive remarks on this book. Thank you for this review.

My first giveaway is now up. I would be happy if you could come enter!