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Friday, February 4, 2011

Love in the Loire Valley of France - Keys To The Castle by Donna Ball

Sometimes romance will find you in the strangest places, and in Donna Ball's latest novel, Keys To The Castle, one woman must travel all the way to the Loire Valley of France to find the love of her life, but the journey would not be without a few bumps and potholes along the way! But isn't that the best part of a great romance?

About The Book:

When a dashing French poet swept forty-something workaholic Sara Graves off her feet, she did something completely unexpected: She married him. Then three weeks later he died, leaving her a house she can't afford to keep in a country she's never been to. Traveling to France to settle the estate, Sara is shocked to discover that her husband wasn't the impoverished poet he claimed to be- and that the estate he left her is a 400-year-old crumbling castle in the Loire Valley. Now Sara must sell Chateau Rondelais before it (not to mention her late husband's disarmingly handsome lawyer and best friend) makes her question her decision to leave-and opens her heart to change and all its unexpected possibilities.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely adore Donna Ball's "Ladybug Farm" books, so I was thrilled to find this new novel from her. While certainly a different premise from her "Ladybug" book, I was charmed by the wonderfully written story of Sara and her quest to heal her broken heart and find love again.  Donna's skillful storytelling draws her readers into the story, and soon you feel as if you are sipping champagne and wandering the grounds of Chauteu Rondelais alongside Sara.  I highly recommend this book!

About the Author:

Donna Ball has published more than 80 works of fiction since 1982, both under her own name and under pseudonyms. She still lives in her restored barn in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she divides her time among her three passions: her house, her dogs, and her writing. Check out her website at http://www.donnaball.com/ for more information on her books and upcoming projects.

Keys To The Castle is from my personal collection of books.

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