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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Blog Tour Stop - "The Wedding Wager" by Jane Feather

I'm thrilled today to be taking part in an exclusive one-day only book blog tour for the new book, "The Wedding Wager," book two in bestselling romance author Jane Feather's Blackwater Bride series.

About The Book:

Lady Serena Grantley was born to the nobility, but fortune’s whim placed her in control of her gamester stepfather, General Heyward, who uses her beauty to lure young men to his gambling tables.  Serena even dismissed her first love, the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan, at her stepfather’s command, and spent the next two years traveling around Europe assisting him in his shady business dealings.

Now, much to Sebastian’s delight, Serena and her stepfather have returned to England.  The reunion is short-lived, however, as the general has decided to offer Serena as a mistress to the dissolute Earl of Burford.  But as the earl becomes more and more pressing in his demands, Serena resolves to do her stepfather’s bidding no more, and turns to the only man who ever captured her heart.   

With his uncle ailing, time is running out in Sebastian’s race to marry.  Torn between family loyalty and the woman he loves, Sebastian faces a devilish dilemma.  Desperate to find a solution, he conceives of a dangerous plan that will turn the tables on the earl and the general—but may separate him and Serena forever.

If you enjoy a fast paced and sexy historical romance, "The Wedding Wager" is the book for you! I thoroughly enjoyed how author Jane Feather presented her charming and lively cast of characters as they race to capture the love they desperately seek and prevent evil and skulduggery from taking place. (yep, skulduggery - there's a word you don't use too often, but it is appropriate for this setting!) The Sullivan brothers are handsome and chivalrous, and the women they woo and win are beautiful and smart! What more could you ask for in a romance novel?

Although this is the second book in Feather's "Blackwater Brides" series, the story stands on it's own merits as a finely woven tale of romance and suspense with just the right amount of fun and humor thrown in to keep the story moving along.

I highly recommend this book for historical romance fiction fans, and advise to look for the first book in this series, "Rushed To The Altar." It's sure to be a pleaser as well!

About The Author:

Jane Feather grew up in the New Forest in the South of England, where she developed an abiding interest in historical romance through the books of Daphne du Maurier, Georgette Heyer, and, of course, the arbiter of them all, Jane Austen.

After her marriage she and her husband moved to Oxford, where she completed a Masters degree in Applied Social Studies. She then moved with her husband, three small children, an eight week old puppy and an ancient cat, lock, stock and barrel to Montclair, New Jersey. She worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the grittier parts of Newark and East Orange until they moved again to Washington DC where, influenced by a closet full of romances in a vacation house on the Outer Banks, she decided to take a sabbatical from social work and try her hand at writing romances… a very different prospect from writing Social Inquiry Reports and case notes. And, as they say, the rest is history.

She has now just begun her 47th novel and negotiates space in a house on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband and five cats.

 My thanks to Ayelet Gruenspecht with Simon and Schuster for including me on this exclusive blog tour, and for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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