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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review - It's News To Her by Helen R. Myers

One of the great things about being a book reviewer is getting to know the authors whose books you are reading and reviewing.

One of the sweetest ladies I know is bestselling author Helen R. Myers, and it is always a joy to read her books. It's even a bigger honor to share with others the wonderful books that Helen writes.

Today, I'm reviewing Helen's 46th book for Harlequin, "It's News To Her," and it is a gem of a story!

About The Book:

Anchorwoman Hunter Harding was used to reporting the story, not being part of it. But when she learned her new boss was CEO and renowned playboy Cord Rivers, she saw no reason to tell everyone they'd had a history, and not a pretty one. After all, maybe this time history wouldn't repeat itself.
Cord Rivers could have had any woman he wanted, and he wanted Hunter. But he knew she blamed him for dashing her dreams, both personal and professional, in the past. He had to convince her that she could have new, even better dreams—and that he could help her make them come true. If only he were in them!

I loved this story!  Helen takes her readers inside the world of the local news and gives them a peek at just how hard working those pretty anchor girls really are!  Her main character, Hunter Harding is sassy and confident, and hero Cord Rivers is all you could want in a leading man - handsome, sexy and loving.

In addition to a lively romance, Helen includes a heartwarming look at the family of Hunter's mentor, who was also Cord's grandfather, and how they handle an intense grieving process when the old gentleman dies. This subplot is handled with dignity and grace - and I was very impressed.

If you've never read a Helen Myers book, treat yourself to "It's News To Her."  You find yourself scouring the bookstores to find the many other wonderful books by this talented author!

About The Author:

Since 1987, Helen R. Myers has written forty-one novels, contributed to a non-fiction instructional work, and edited a non-fiction book on the history of a Texas mansion. Long admired by her editors for the “depth and scope” of her writing, this best-selling and award-winning author credits that to not being intimidated by the risk in variety, or the challenge of a project.

Writing stories that are as thematic and probing as they are emotional, Myers explains, “I write to explore the why behind what people do. Motives complicated by life. Add perception challenges and you have heroes and heroines, male and female protagonists, who are already carrying considerable baggage when they’re abruptly thrust into scenarios they thought could never happen to them.” No surprise then that most of her books contain an element of suspense or mystery.

Myers’ books usually open with the protagonist suffering some “last straw” that turns their lives into full-fledged catastrophes. “But,” she hastens to point out, “don’t look for a lot of victims in my books.” Nor does she play loose with the word “hero.” She warns,
“We’ve lowered the bar on defining those terms.”
Born in New Jersey, but a resident of Texas since 1972, Myers and husband Robert live on Crooked Pine Ranch, which she jokes is an eighty- acre sanctuary for two and four-legged strays, including five rescued dogs. Although private and independent, she does frequent promotional and charity
appearances, remains on the advisory board of the Northeast Texas Music Festival, and mentors gifted aspiring writers.

I received a review copy of this, courtesy of the author!  I was not compensated for my opinion.

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