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Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review - The Summer We Came To Life by Deborah Cloyed

Summertime is a great time to spend with friends, and the perfect book to go along with great times with your pals is "The Summer We Came To Life," by Deborah Cloyed.

About The Book:

Every summer, Samantha Wheland joins her childhood friends—Isabel, Kendra and Mina—on a vacation, somewhere exotic and fabulous. Together with their mixed bag of parents, they've created a lifetime of memories. This year it's a beach house in Honduras. But for the first time, their clan is not complete. Mina lost her battle against cancer six months ago, and the friends she left behind are still struggling to find their way forward without her.
For Samantha, the vacation just feels wrong without Mina. Despite being surrounded by her friends—the closest thing she has to family—Mina's death has left Sam a little lost. Unsure what direction her life should take. Fearful that whatever decision she makes about her wealthy French boyfriend's surprise proposal, it'll be the wrong one.
The answers aren't in the journal Mina gave Sam before she died. Or in the messages Sam believes Mina is sending as guideposts. Before the trip ends, the bonds of friendship with her living friends, the older generation's stories of love and loss, and Sam's glimpse into a world far removed from the one in which she belongs will convince her to trust her heart. And follow it.

As author Deborah Cloyed weaves the stories of all the characters in this book together, she fashions a tale that is moving and heartwarming as they all discover important aspects of their lives on the beaches of Honduras. Using passages from journals that Mina had left all the girls, the wisdom of friendship comes through with sage words and advice that help everyone to move on from mourning Mina’s loss to celebrating the lives she continues to inspire.

“The Summer We Came To Life” is a dramatic story with plenty of light and pleasant moments scattered throughout to make this book a great choice for summertime reading, or the perfect gift for that special friend that makes life a bit easier to enjoy.

About the Author:

DEBORAH CLOYED lives in Los Angeles, in Humphrey Bogart’s old room with a view. As a photographer, travel writer, or curious nomad, she’s previously resided in London, Barcelona, Thailand, Honduras, Kenya, and New York City. She’s traveled to twenty other countries besides, several as a contestant with her childhood best friend on CBS’ The Amazing Race. She runs a photography school for kids and is happily at work on her next book – a nonlinear love story set against the political violence in Kenya 2007-2008.

Visit her website at http://www.deborahcloyed.com/

My thanks to Eric Glover with Planned TVArts for supplying the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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