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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Post - Sometimes Publishing Is Just Like That by Christine Norris

Sometimes Publishing is Just Like That.
By Christine Norris
I’ve been writing, come this September, for ten years. A whole decade. In that time, I’ve had a child, changed careers, and written five books. Well, more than five, actually, but I’ve had five published. The first was published in December of 2005, with a little tiny publisher in Pittsburgh, which has since gone on to become part of a Canadian publisher. All five books were different in their publishing journeys, and each has given me something different.
The most recent book, The Mirror of Yu-Huang, probably has the most interesting publishing story.  And when I say ‘interesting’, of course I mean ‘panic-inducing’ and ‘terrifying’. At least for me, hopefully not for the publisher!

I had tried to get an agent for the first book in my Library of Athena series, and had some luck getting them to read parts of it, but no offers. Eventually that book and the sequel sold to Samhain Publishing. And I was happy with them, really I was.  But, then, as so often happens in publishing, things didn’t go as planned. I submitted the third book, The Mirror of Yu-Huang, but they didn’t accept it, because they were taking the publisher in a different direction, focusing more on Romance and less on YA or YA without romance—which sometimes happens in publishing.
So I had a series book and no publisher.  And a panic attack.
So, in my desperate hour of need, I put out a call for help to my friends at Broad Universe, a great professional group that focuses on promoting women in speculative fiction (www.broaduniverse.org ), and asked if anyone would be interested in looking at this book and taking a chance on a third in a series book. Liz Burton at Zumaya responded, like an angel, and offered to look it over, but with the caveat that it wasn’t another ‘Harry Potter or Twilight clone’.  LOL! I assured her it definitely was NOT, and thankfully she accepted it! And the rest, as the cliché goes, is history. So far, so good.  Liz has also agreed to publish the final two in the series AND to help me get new editions of my first two books, which have been released from that little Canadian publisher and gone out of print. We have a lot of work still left to do.
Liz and Zumaya have been really great to work with, and I couldn’t have asked for a better angel!

Christine Norris is the author of several works for children and adults, including the Library of Athena series and the Zandria duology. When she’s not out saving the world one story at a time, she is disguised as a mild mannered substitute teacher, mother, and wife. She cares for her family of one husband-creature, a son-animal, and two felines who function as Guardian of the Bathtub and Official Lap Warmer, respectively.

She has also done several English adaptations of novels translated from other languages. She reached a new level of insanity by attending Southen Connecticut State University Graduate School’s Information and Library Science program, so that someday she, too, can be a real Librarian. She currently resides somewhere in southern New Jersey.

Her current book is a YA/Fantasy titled The Mirror of Yu-Huang.

Visit Christine on the web at www.christine-norris.com. Connect with her at Twitter at www.twitter.com/ cnorrisauthor and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christine-Norris/131776641000.

My thanks to Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book Promotion for arranging for this guest post. 

For more information on Zumaya Publications, check out their website at http://www.zumayapublications.com/

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