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Friday, July 8, 2011

Interview with Author Linda Broday, one of the co-authors of "Give Me A Texas Outlaw"

It is always a lot of fun when one of your friends has a new book come out, and I couldn't be happier than to introduce you to the new western romance, "Give Me A Texas Outlaw," of which one of my dear friends, Linda Broday, is one of the authors.

Linda was gracious enough to take time out of her busy writing schedule to answer a few questions about this new book!

Sharon: "Give Me A Texas Outlaw" is the fourth book you have collaborated with on with Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda and De Wanna Pace.  How do the four of you work out who writes what?
Linda:  At the beginning of an anthology we try to get together and discuss the project to make sure our stories will be cohesive and not walk on top of each other. Out of the four published anthologies, two are set in the same town with some of the same people. We decide beforehand which characters, town locations, and professions we'll share.
Our second one, GIVE ME A COWBOY, presented the most challenges. Phyliss and I wrote mother/daughter heroines so we had to do lots more collaboration than Jodi or DeWanna. Also, in that anthology since the stories all featured four days of the rodeo, we had to decide which event each character would participate in. But each of our stories stand alone though. We've had many readers tell us that reading our anthologies is like reading one seamless novel. We take that as a huge compliment. 
Sharon:  How far do you see this series going? How many books would you like to see come from this close working relationship?
Linda:  We're contracted for six, with four already in print. We have a Christmas anthology out in October of this year and a Valentine one releasing in January. After that, we really don't know. Currently, we're each working on single titles. If we have an opportunity though we'd love to write more anthologies. I think we'll always be open to doing more.

Sharon:  How has romance writing changed since your first novel was published?  Do you see it still being a thriving genre?
Linda:  The romance genre is always changing. Right now, most publishers are buying more contemporaries. And the hottest thing is vampire/fantasy stories. I do believe that historical romance will always be around though. As long as there are readers clamoring for historicals they'll never die. Our job is to keep writing quality stories. That's what editors are looking for, no matter the genre. Romance still carries the biggest piece of the pie in sales.
Sharon:  How important is it to be involved in a writing group for beginning writers? 
Linda:  I urge anyone who is a serious writer, to join a writing group of some kind. I honestly believe I wouldn't be published today with three single titles and six anthologies under my belt if I hadn't hadn't joined Romance Writers of America and Red River Romance Writers (the North Texas chapter). Their help has been invaluable. 

I want to thank Linda for taking time to stop by.  She and Phyliss Miranda will be appearing at the Red River Romance Writers meeting on Saturday, July 9th, 10:30 a.m. at the Wichita Falls Public Library. They will also be appearing at a book signing at The Book Rack in Wichita Falls that afternoon from 2-4 p.m.

For more information on Linda, check out her website at http://www.lindabroday.com/
For Jodi Thomas, check out http://www.jodithomas.com/
For Phyliss Miranda, check out http://www.phylissmiranda.com/
For De Wanna Pace, check out http://www.dewannapaceonline.com/

About The Book:

Fearless and irresistible, outlaws are the original bad boys. Now New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas and Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace offer up four sexy and romantic stories for women who love men who know how to pack heat.
If Cozette Camanez's groom doesn't show up for their wedding by dawn, she'll lose her family ranch. Trouble is, the groom doesn't exist—until unsuspecting thief Michael Hughes comes along. Never was an outlaw faced with such a lovely—and willing—target. 
Larissa Patrick's younger sister has been kidnapped. Only one man can save her: gunfighter Johnny Diamond. Rescuing Larissa's sister is the easy part—but getting her and her beautiful big sister home without losing his heart will take the discipline of a saint. And Johnny's no saint. 
Lawman Ethan Kimble is finally face to face with his quarry: socialite and bank robber Savannah Parker. The only thing between them is a Winchester pointed at his heart—and some undeniable sparks. If Kimble can tame the Texas Flame, they may ignite a passion that breaks every rule.
When outlaw Shadow Rivers and desperado Odessa Kilmore escape a hail of bullets and team up on a long journey, both are determined to hide their secrets—and their attraction. No easy task as they discover a love more powerful than their enemies combined.

The fourth book in the "Give Me A ..." series, "Give  Me A Texas Outlaw," takes a look at some of the wilder men of Texas and the women who love them! All four stories are lively and fast-paced with lots of adventure, romance and a heaping helping of humor to carry them along.

My favorite selection was "Trouble In Petticoats," by Linda. I love how the fiesty Larrisa is determined to tag along with Johnny Diamond to help rescue her sister, whether Johnny wants her to or not. And Johnny may have a reputation as a big, bad gunfighter, but he truly has a heart of gold and it's that heart that melts when it comes to protecting Larrisa and her little sister.

Western and historical romance fans will truly enjoy "Give Me A Texas Outlaw."  I highly recommend it!

I received a review copy of this book from the author. I was not compensated for my opinion.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

this book looks excellent! i just saw it for the first time earlier today.

Sharon said...

I think you will enjoy it, Carrie! Lots of adventure and plenty of romance!!

Linda Broday said...

Sharon, thank you so much for posting my interview and for the wonderful praise for GIVE ME A TEXAS OUTLAW. I feel truly blessed.

Carrie, I do hope you'll give us a try. With the fast pace of each story it's a quick read and great for the beach or pool.

My best,
Linda Broday

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

You are so welcome, my dear friend! It has been such a pleasure seeing all your successes since the very first book!!

Phyliss Miranda said...

This is a great review, Linda. You really gave wonderful insight into how we work together as a group to produce novellas that read as if they were one book. It's so much fun to work together.

And, Sharon, thanks for the kinda words. I wish you could have made it to Saturday's RRRW meeting. Missed you. Hugs from the Texas Panhandle, Phyliss

Phyliss Miranda said...

Yikes!!!! I need a proofreader...kind remarks, not kinda!