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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Questions With Steve deWinter, author of "Inherit The Throne"

I'm so glad to introduce author Steve deWinter to you today. Steve is a prolific writers, with many great novels to his credit.

As a part of the "Men's Week," Steve was gracious enough to take some time to talk about his writing and upcoming projects.

At what age did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I would like to say that I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. But, truth be known, when I was eight years old I wanted to be a stuntman and spent hours throwing myself into walls and flipping onto my back. I did love to read, though, and devoured everything I got my hands on. The writing bug hit me after I graduated high school and I was instantly eager to try my hand at creating stories while staring at the blank page.

What three important facts do you want readers to know about your books?

When I am developing a story I research, research again and then do some more research. I can't stress that enough. Even stories that take place in the future or in an alternate past are greatly improved through extensive research of people, places and things. Surprisingly, some of the more outlandish and wildly unbelievable aspects of my stories are true facts I uncovered during my research. People have asked me if I have visited some of the places in my books. Sad to say, Google Earth is the closest I have come to getting out of the house on a regular basis. But it does say something about the level of research I put into my books.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Who inspires you?

My favorite authors have been in both the thriller and science fiction realm. I nurtured a desire to write while reading Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne trilogy. But it was after reading some of the excellent books by James Rollins that I actually sat down and started putting fingers to the keyboard. I actually got the chance to meet Jim at this year's ThrillerFest in New York and was able to thank him personally for inspiring me to write.

What do you have coming up in the future?

Boy is my plate full! I am working on The Decoy, the third book in my Hired Guns novelette series. I am writing Outlaw: Rebirth, a short story that serves as the prologue for Outlaw (it's the Lone Ranger, steampunk style -- scheduled for a Winter 2011 release). I am putting the finishing touches on a non-fiction book that will help authors overcome writer's block and teach them how to craft a well-told story. I have also recently committed some of my precious time to co-author an untitled YA Paranormal Romance (my co-author will focus on making us love the heroine, while I focus on making us loathe the villain). And last, but not least, the research and narrative development continues for Melissa Stone's next great adventure, The Return Of The Jackal.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to break into writing today?

Read! Never trust a skinny chef and never trust a writer who doesn't like to read. Despite all the writing time that takes up my day, I still fill my Kindle with tons of books by both established authors and those just starting out.

About Steve DeWinter

I was born, grew up loving to read and, because of my readers, am a Bestselling Author. Thanks, I love you guys (and gals, of course)!

But enough about me; you're here for my books. If you like super-charged thrillers that merge high-tech gadgetry with ancient mythology and pit the outcast against powerful clandestine organizations, you are among friends.

My goal as a writer is to transport you to fresh and exciting worlds that not only take you on a white-knuckle ride but leave you hungry for more when you finally turn that last page and reluctantly slam shut the back cover of the book.

This is my promise to you the reader.

I will continue to satisfy your never-ending desire for more.

As long as there are stories to tell, I will be here.

When one story ends, another begins. So keep reading!

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Steve's Books:

Melissa Stone Series

Inherit The Throne @Amazon  @B&N
Living under a new identity in the tiny Northwestern tourist town at the base of Mount Hood, Melissa thought she had finally escaped her past. That is until an assassin tries to kill her and forces her back into a treacherous shadow world she vowed never to return. That same night an unmanned robotic SUV slams into the limousine of the Vice President of the United States and detonates with several hundred pounds of explosives. Melissa soon discovers that the attack on the Vice President and the attempt on her own life are related. And time is running out to find out who wants her dead and why she alone holds the key to saving the President of the United States.

Inherit The Throne Enhanced Edition @Amazon @B&N
This is the Enhanced Edition of Inherit The Throne. Think of it the same you would a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD that includes extras and special content not available in the standard edition of the DVD.

Extra Content for Inherit The Throne Enhanced Edition:
-- 3 Deleted Chapters that introduce a supernatural element to the book. One of the deleted chapters is an alternate ending for the book.
-- Sneak Peek of The Return Of The Jackal, the next book to feature Melissa Stone on the run and against an even greater enemy.

Hired Guns Series
They're not asking for trouble. They advertise for it!
Joe and Kat are Las Vegas private investigators. What they don't know is that several of their latest jobs are related in ways they could never imagine.

The Money Player @Amazon @B&N
Joe and Kat are hired by a local gambler to protect him when he wins the marathon poker tournament at the Monaco Resort and Casino, Las Vegas’ newest, flashiest and largest casino on the strip. In an effort to raise their level of clients, Kat posts their services on eBay stating that they will do anything for the highest bidder. To her shock, eBay does not remove the posting; and someone wins.

The Fix @Amazon @B&N
Joe continues to find out about Spencer while Kat runs into an old flame.
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My thanks to Steve for taking time to participate in Men's Week!


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