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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Is Alice Bliss? A wonderful event for fellow book bloggers!!

Author Laura Harrington contacted me recently about this unique and fun event she is doing to promote her fabulous book, "Alice Bliss."

 Check out the info below and sign up to help send Alice around the world!! (This is for book bloggers only!)

Help us send Alice Bliss all around the world.

This summer, book bloggers from across the United States and the globe have the unique opportunity to participate in an exciting, new international adventure. Laura Harrington, author of the novel "Alice Bliss," is pleased to invite you, a book lover and blogger, to be a part of Where’s Alice Bliss?

What Is Where’s Alice Bliss?

Where’s Alice Bliss? is a campaign to send copies of the novel "Alice Bliss" to as many countries and U.S. states as possible. Through bookcrossing.com, copies of "Alice Bliss" will be registered and tracked as they travel around the world, passing from one reader to the next.

Your bookcrossing ID (BCID) allows you to follow your book wherever it goes.  It’s like a passport enabling your book to travel the world without getting lost.  Once your book is registered, you will leave it in a public place with a note inside for someone else to find, read, and pass on, like a modern-day message in a bottle. You will be part of an international movement encouraging readers to read, register, and release books for others to enjoy.

How Do I Join?

If you are a teenage or adult book blogger, you are invited to request a copy of "Alice Bliss" through lauraharringtonbooks.com. Click on the “Where’s Alice Bliss?” page and fill out the  submission form. The copy you receive will have a bookcrossing book plate on the inside with our “Where’s Alice Bliss?” logo.  Please go to www.bookcrossing.com to register your book and get your book’s unique bookcrossing ID (BCID). Put the BCID in the space provided on the bookmark. This number will allow you to track your book’s journey.

What Do I Do When I Get My Copy?

Upon receiving your copy of Alice Bliss, you should read and review the book before logging on to bookcrossing.com and following the instructions to “release” your book to someone new. Photograph or video your “release” and upload your images to your blog and/ or Tumblr account and send us a link.


We want to send Alice to four continents and all 50 U.S. states

Alice at the Beach!

How Can I Follow Alice?

You can find out where Alice is by going to wheresalicebliss.wordpress.com, see pictures and videos of Alice all around the world on wheresalicebliss.tumblr.com, and get Where’s Alice Bliss? updates by following WheresAB on Twitter.

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