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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Review - I Murdered The PTA by Wendy Dager

I've been on a cozy mystery roll this week, and it's been just a delight reveling in the mystery and fun that this genre has to offer!

One of the quirkest and funniest mysteries I've read this week is author Wendy Dager's "I Murdered The PTA: A Daphne Lee-Lee Misadventure," and I'm pleased to share it with you today!


A social misfit who prefers vintage bowling shirts and boots to ├╝ber-housewife sweatpants and sneakers, 32-year-old Chinese-American Daphne Lee-Lee recently lost her beloved big white guy contractor husband, Jack Lee-hence her hyphenated, redundant name-to a case of bad shellfish.

Then an explosion at the local elementary school shakes her straitlaced home town's rigid foundations-and blows up the local PTA. She didn't kill the ladies she'd dubbed "Cupcakes," but as the only survivor (and main suspect), Daphne doesn't have much time to clear her hyphenated name. She knows that even if the whole town doesn't show up at her house with pitchforks and lanterns there's a good chance the real killer is out to get her.

I love strong female characters, and the persona of Daphne Lee-Lee - rock and roll mom extraordinare - is just an absolute joy to read about in this fun novel.  This gal has sass, attitude, and a heart of gold, and when she is accused of taking out the entire PTA, well, she just doesn't stand by and let the entire town roll all over her.  Along with a little help from her loving, but pain-in-the-rear mom Ping, and her sweet daughters Mari and Iris, Daphne takes care of business and gets down to clearing her name - with a little help from a certain good looking detective named Antoine Neil.

The mystery of the story is lively and intriguing, and the scrapes that Daphne finds herself in are breath-taking, and guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats to the very exciting conclusion.

I love the bright, smart and fiesty feel of this story.  Wendy Dager has created a character that many will find endearing and charming, and I personally would love to see more of "Daphne's Misadventures"!

P.S.  I served on my kid's school's PTA boards, and I wasn't a "Cupcake" at all!  At least I don't think I was!!! :)


Wendy Dager is a professional freelance writer who has spent decades acquiring and implementing a flexibility that has helped her work become widely published in a variety of formats. She’s written humorous greeting card copy, flash animation scripts, a biweekly newspaper opinion column, corporate newsletters, magazine and newspaper feature articles, press releases and more. Her quirky sense of humor has appeared on buttons, key chains, magnets and bumper stickers; and her articles and essays always reflect a unique perspective on the world, particularly when it comes to family and community issues.

Wendy’s love of generating controversy—and making people stop and think—combined with her penchant for wearing vintage clothes and jewelry, garnered her the USA Network title of one of America’s Most Unique Characters. She’s more comfortable in a vintage skirt and Dr. Martens boots than in a suit and heels, but she’ll adapt for formal occasions. Just don’t ask to see her flaming typewriter tattoo—she might show it to you.

A native Southern Californian, Wendy lives in suburbia with her handsome husband and their high-strung Border collie mix. Occasionally, the children show up to ask what’s for dinner.

For more information on Wendy and her writing, visit her website at http://www.wendydager.com/

My thanks to the author for providing a review copy of her book.  I was not compensated for my opinion.


Mystica said...

With such a quirky title the book should be interesting!

Cozy in Texas said...

I haven't read anything by Wendy Dager - looks like a good read, thanks for posting.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews said...

This is her first book, Ann - but Wendy said that her publisher has requested more in this series!