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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Review - The Look of Love: A Piper Donovan Mystery by Mary Jane Clark

About The Book:

Piper Donovan accepts when the owner of an exclusive spa and plastic surgery center offers her a trip to Los Angeles to create a dazzling and unique wedding cake. The job also offers Piper the time and distance she needs to sort out her feelings for handsome FBI agent Jack Lombardi.

The ultra-luxurious spa caters to the rich and famous in need of a little "refreshing"—a nip here, a tuck there, a little Botox, a little detox. Elysium seems picture-perfect: the grounds, the staff, even the guests. But no sooner does Piper arrive than a guest is brutally murdered. Someone, it seems, wants to make sure Elysium's beautiful director, Jillian Abernathy, never gets to walk down the aisle. Piper soon discovers that beneath the glamorous surface of this oasis lies an ugly truth—and a cold-blooded plan for murder.

I loved Mary Jane Clark's first book in this series, "To Have And To Kill," and I was delighted to find the same sense of fun and adventure in her second book, "The Look of Love." 

I really enjoy the characters in this series, and find the main character, Piper, to be quite the little spitfire who truly does know her way around a pastry bag, even if she doesn't quite have the experience to be more confident.  I used to decorate cakes, and I was so pleased to find that Mary Jane includes the right methods and techniques in her story that cake decorating requires!

This is a fun series, and I look forward to the next installment!

About The Author:

Like Piper Donovan, New York Times bestselling author Mary Jane Clark has a mother who made customized cakes for the neighborhood kids when Mary Jane was growing up. After a career at CBS News and writing twelve media thrillers, the author is currently taking cake-decorating classes herself, having fun as she works on her baking skills and concocts her next novel.

Check out her website at http://www.maryjaneclark.com/

Bonus Review -

About The Story:

Piper Donovan adores her brother. Her sister-in-law is another matter. Self-centered, greedy, and completely annoying, Zara is, inexplicably, the love of Robert’s life. Piper puts up with her to maintain peace within the family.
When an exquisite gold bracelet goes missing, all the evidence points to Zara as the thief. Piper knows she should go to the police, but she’s torn. Is finding justice worth risking the happiness of her entire family?

"The Bracelet" is a short story in e-book format that is a quick and fun read that bridges the gap between Mary Jane's first book, "To Have And To Kill," and the new book, "The Look of Love."  It's like a sweet little treat to whet your appetite between books.  (But you can also pick up on the story any time.)

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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I need to add Mary Jane Clark to my list! Thanks, Sharon.