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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review - Independence Day: Graduating Into A New World of Freedom, Temptation and Opportunity by Michael DiMarco

Graduation time will soon be here, and it will be time to look for a gift that is helpful to the new graduate, be it high school or graduation, as well as being a nice rememberance.

Michael DiMarco's new book, "Independence Day" fits this category perfectly.

About The Book:

Whether they’re ready or not, Independence Day will help high school graduates successfully navigate newfound freedom and the temptation and opportunity that come with it. Bestselling author Michael DiMarco shares his own rocky transition from high school to adulthood in hopes of preventing new grads from making the same mistakes – or at least helping them learn from their own. 

In Independence Day: Graduating into a New World of Freedom, Temptation & Opportunity  DiMarco encourages new grads to seize their freedom, however scary that thought is, and embrace being in charge of their own choices (and consequences). Freedom doesn’t come naturally for all – you have to want it. He cautions against isolation, laziness and fear that can keep young adults from taking control of their life.

With grads’ newfound freedom comes a new set of temptations. DiMarco openly shares his own battles with temptation and offers practical advice for grads to refrain from giving in. According to DiMarco, not all temptation is bad. Instead, we can view temptation as a way to show newly liberated students what their weaknesses are and help them strengthen those areas of their lives and develop self-control.

After graduation, grads are surrounded by more opportunities than they’ve ever been faced with. Opportunity to change their finances, their family tree and their entire world. This also means grads are faced with the opportunity to fail, and DiMarco coaches them through picking which opportunities they want to explore and how to be successful through passion, hard work and calling.

“Available March 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Michael DiMarco uses his unique writing skills, combined with a great deal of humor and personal recollections, to get across a very serious question that nearly any new graduate must face - what now?  What in the world do I do with all this new freedom?

This slender volume is packed with wisdom and good advice on how to face a bright  new world of independence. DiMarco includes sections of thoughtful questions for the reader to ponder upon as they are reading this book. And DiMarco calls upon the reader to reflect on their faith in considering their future in regards to temptations, ambitons, opportunities, and the freedom to make decisions that will be life-changing.

If there is graduation coming up in your near future, I highly recommend "Independence Day" as a gift that the graduate will find themselves referring to for years to come.

About The Author:

Michael DiMarco is the Publisher and Creative Director of Hungry Planet, a company that creates cutting-edge books that connect with the multitasking mind-set. Michael has written or co-written a number of bestselling books including God Guy, Devotions for the God Guy, B4UD8 (Before You Date,) and Die Young. Michael and Hayley live with their daughter in Nashville, Tennessee.

My Thanks to Revell Books for the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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