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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Signing Alert! Author Russell Ferrell to sign his book, Acrocanthosaurus – The Bones of Contention, in Wichita Falls, Texas.

This is an unusual post for me, but I'm letting the folks in my hometown of Wichita Falls know about a book signing event that is taking place tomorrow.

Here are the details:

Name of Book: Acrocanthosaurus – The Bones of Contention

Name of Author: Russell Ferrell

Where: Book Signing, Hastings Entertainment, Wichita Falls

Date: Friday, March 16, 2012

Time: 6 pm – 8:30 pm

Address:  2801 Southwest Parkway, Wichita Falls, TX

About the Book:

The book is a true story about the discovery and excavation of the Acrocanthosaurus (Oklahoma’s State Dinosaur) and the battles of the two excavators, Cephis Hall and Sid Love, for ownership rights to the fossilized treasure.

The discovery was made near the Mountain Fork River in southeastern Oklahoma in 1983 and dug out of a corporate waste-holding pit over a period of four years. The Corporation had given the two men permission to dig, but did not take their excavation seriously. After the corporation learned the value of the dinosaur, the two amateurs were forced to battle the Corporation and its friends in government and academia over ownership rights to the dinosaur.

The story played out over a period of two decades and the dinosaur eventually sold for 3 million dollars to the North Carolina Museum of Science as an unfinished specimen – the highest price ever paid for an unfinished and uncasted dinosaur skeleton. The Acrocanthosaurus, an extremely rare find, became the State Dinosaur of Oklahoma on June 6, 2007, when a bill granting that distinction was passed into law by the Oklahoma State Legislature. The excavation marked the first time in history when two amateurs (rockhounds) successfully excavated a major dinosaur quarry totally independent of any back-up financial or logistical support from a major university or commercial fossil entity.

This was also the first (and only) articulated skeleton ever found of this horrific apex predator that ruled the North American continent during the Early Cretaceous (145-100 mya) - about 50 million years before T.rex. Until this recovery, only a few scattered pieces of the creature had been found and identified. This single discovery allowed scientists to put the puzzle together and construct a full-cast replica of this giant carnivorous monster. This was truly one of the greatest dinosaur discoveries (and excavations) in the history of paleontology.

The specimen was nicknamed Fran after the wife of Allan Graffham, a commercial paleontologist in Ardmore, Oklahoma, who purchased the dinosaur from Hall and Love
for $250,000 and spent $1 million dollars for preparation work at the Black Hills Institute before finalizing his sale to the North Carolina Museum of Science in Raleigh for $3 million. A full- cast replica of the monster is on display at the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma.

Russell Ferrell's book blends science and history with an entralling adventure story. The attention to detail and years of research are obvious from the beginning of this book, and will be a treat for anyone who enjoys learning more about the impact of discovering and recovery pieces of ancient history right in our own backyard.

This is a fascinating book, and I highly urge anyone with an interest in dinosaurs to go out and meet Russell Ferrell and learn more about his intriguing novel.
About The Author:

Russell Ferrell is an educator and historical non-fiction writer who stopped work on several other projects to tell Hall and Love’s story. He is a former resident of Atoka County, Oklahoma and currently lives in Red Oak, Texas.

For more information, check out the website at http://www.thebonesofcontention.com/

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