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Monday, March 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Stop - "The Book of Lost Fragrance" by M.J. Rose

I am a stop on the Scavenger hunt for M.J. Rose's new book, The Book of Lost Fragrance!   Here's the excerpt:

"Up close, the scent was rich and ripe, and he felt himself float away on its wings, away from the tomb, out into the open, under the sky, under the moon, to a riverbank where he could feel the wind and taste the cool night.

Something was happening to him.
He knew who he was—Giles L’Etoile, the son of the finest perfumer and glove maker in Paris. And where he was—with general Napoléon Bonaparte in a tomb under the earth in Alexandria. Yet at the same time, he was transported, sitting beside a woman on the edge of a wide, green river under the shade of date trees. He felt he’d known this woman forever, but at the same time, she was a stranger."

For the next excerpt, go to http://justjoanna.com/

Be sure to come back on April 4th for my review of this novel!

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