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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Review - A Duty To The Dead: A Bess Crawford Mystery by Charles Todd

A few months back, I signed up to be a part of the "Bess Crawford" read-along, sponsored by Book Club Girl. It is a read-along for the marvelous books by the writing team of Charles Todd that tells the story of Bess Crawford, an English nurse during World War I.

Then I promptly forgot about it - I know - my bad!

Then as I was perusing blogs the other day, I remembered that the new "Bess Crawford" book was to come out soon, and I'd better get my act in gear to catch up with the read-along.

So I began with "A Duty To The Dead," book one in the series. And now I'm hooked! I am absolutely entralled with the life of this courageous (yet fictional) young nurse and her adventures and exploits that pull her into the most amazing and suspenseful intrigues.

"A Duty To The Dead" introduces all the supporting characters that surround young Bess - her parents, Colonel Sahib and The Colonel's Lady; Simon Brandon, her father's trusted right-hand man; her fellow nurses and flatmates; and the charming Mrs. Hennesey, her landlady who watches after her "girls" like a hawk. Plus it plunges the reader right into the heart of World War I, opening with the sinking of the troop ship "Britannica," where Bess' arm is broken as the ship is evacuated into life-boats.

She returns to England to recover, and while she is on leave, she makes an effort to deliver a message from a dying solider, one she was particularly fond of, to his family - a cryptic message that she hopes they understand, never realizing the chain of events that this simple message will start. Before it is over, there is murder involved, secrets revealed, and intrigue around every corner. As Bess begins to put the pieces together over the puzzling mystery, she soon finds herself involved up to her ears and her own life possibly in danger before it is all over with.

I found this novel to be absolutely thrilling and captivating. As I hurry on to read the next installments, "An Impartial Witness" and "A Bitter Truth," I am also looking forward to the new release of "An Unmarked Grave," due out in June.

Here is a little teaser video, from William Morrow, to give you a hint of what's to come in the life of Bess Crawford.

My thanks to William Morrow for the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

If you are interested in joing the Bess Crawford Read-A-Long, check out Book Club Girl's post at http://www.bookclubgirl.com/book_club_girl/2012/02/book-time-with-bess-join-the-bess-crawford-read-along/comments/page/2/#comments

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Bookworm1858 said...

I'm so glad you remembered to post about this as it sounds very much like a series I'd enjoy. I'm always on the lookout for good mysteries.