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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book Blog Tour Stop and Excerpt - An American Family by Peter Lefcourt

About The Book:

The sprawling narrative of five siblings, born in the 1940's, beginning on the day John Kennedy was shot and ending on 9/11. Between these two iconic dates, we follow the fortunes, love affairs, marriages, divorces, successes and failures of the Perls, an immigrant Polish-Jewish family, from the Lower East Side of New York, to Long Island and beyond.

The oldest, Jackie -- a charming, womanizing attorney -- drifts into politics with help from the Nassau County mob. His younger brother, Michael, a gambler and entrepreneur, makes and loses fortunes riding the ebb and flow of high-risk business decisions. Their sister, Elaine, marries young and raises two children before realizing that she wants more from life than being merely a wife and mother and embarking on a new life in her forties. Their sensitive and brilliant half-brother, Stephen, deals with the growing consciousness that he is gay in an era that was not gay friendly. Stephen goes to Vietnam as a medic, comes home, becomes a writer, and survives the AIDS epidemic of the eighties. The baby of the family, Bobbie, high-strung and rebellious, gets pregnant at Woodstock, moves to San Francisco as a single mother during the "Summer of Love," then winds up in Los Angeles as a highly-successful record producer.

In a larger sense this book is not merely the story of one family, but the story of most immigrant families - Jewish, Italian, Irish, African-American - as they enter the melting pot and emerge as a new generation, as well as the story of the tumultuous years of the second half of the twentieth century.


"Besides, the cutting floor was running slow. They were twenty minutes to a half-hour behind schedule. When Nathan had been working on the floor, cutting fabric, they had always made quota. If they didn’t, they’d heard it from the guys upstairs. There were no transistor radios blaring Spanish music and people running to the toilet every hour.

Nathan Perl hadn’t missed a day of work in his life. Since age 11, when he’d arrived in steerage class from Poland and gotten a job sewing curtains on Rivington Street, for $14 a week, which he took home to his uncle Meyer, who had sent the money back to Lodz to pay for the trip, he worked—six days a week, until he got a job as a cutter and the unions kept him out on Saturdays."

I find that I really enjoy books that are written by authors who have experience in television and/or movie writing.  These folks really know how to keep a story skipping along, and Peter Lefcourt is no exception. His writing style holds the reader's attention and keeps them intrigued in the creative and well-told storyline.

His dramatic family saga is lively, fascinating, and encompasses some of the most interesting times in popular culture among the adventures (and misadventures) of the Perl family.

I highly recommend this novel!

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My thanks to BookTrib.com and MediaMuscle for providing a review copy of this book, and for including me on this tour.  I was not compensated for my opinion.

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