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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Interview with Jennifer Beals, star of the new internet-film, "Lauren"

I was recently invited to be among 10 women journalists to take part in a press conference with actress Jennifer Beals as she promotes her latest film project, “Lauren.”

As you may remember, Beals made her name as the dancing wonder in the movie, “Flashdance.”  She has gone on to be in many high-rated films and projects during her career, including "Vampire's Kiss," "Devil In A Blue Dress," and the controversial series, "The L Word."

Now she is working with the new WIGS network to bring “Lauren,” a short film following the life of two female Army soldiers and the dangers they face on and off the battlefield.

In “Lauren,” Beals plays Major Jo Stone, who must review a report from a staff sergeant, played by Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars), alleging she was sexually assaulted by three fellow soldiers. The series is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter (True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men).

Beals was so gracious as she answered a variety of questions, ranging from how she chose this project to her view of internet-based film projects in general.

“I was really interested in the way that Jay Rodan (the writer) had taken the subject on in that it’s two women from two different generations really who are in the military and he has the one who is my character, Major Stone, who kind of thinks within the parameters of the institution and all the kind of acculturized patriarchy that that implies.

And then he has this other character, the younger character, the Staff Sergeant played by Troian who just really thinks in terms of justice and plain and simple, and I thought it was interesting to play that kind of complexity.”

In regards to the Internet-based film, Beals said –

“One of the things that really attracted me to the project was the notion of doing it for the internet because there’s a certain playfulness and a certain feeling that there are no real parameters yet in this platform because it hasn’t been around long enough so it doesn’t feel like there’s any dogma attached to it yet so that was really exciting.”

I asked Jennifer if now that you’ve finished this internet project, do you see yourself doing any more down the line in the future?

She said “Oh yes I would love to.  I would love to do more projects for WIGS.  I think that would be fun.  And I’m really interested in putting together micro-budget films and just having them go straight to the internet.”

Episode One of “Lauren” debuted on Monday on the WIGS Youtube channel, and you can watch it by clicking here - www.youtube.com/wigs.   Episodes Two will air on Wednesday, August 15, and the final episode will air on Friday, August 17.

About WIGS:

What happens when love is a sin?

What happens when your son discovers your secrets?

What happens when your dream job becomes a nightmare?

Created by filmmakers, Jon Avnet (Black Swan, Fried Green Tomatoes, Risky Business) and Rodrigo Garcia (Albert Nobbs, In Treatment, Mother and Child), WIGS is an innovative new YouTube channel producing high-end, original, scripted series, short films, and documentaries, all starring female leads. WIGS will take you on an unpredictable, often outrageous journey into the lives, loves, and lies of our characters. WIGS. Where It Gets Interesting.

To see what other films WIGS has to offer, check out their website at www.watchWIGS.com

My thanks to MPRM Communications for including me on this press event.

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DMS said...

This sounds interesting. I don't know where I have been- but until reading this post I hadn't heard of an internet film. I missed the first episode- bit I am imaginging I can check it out on the website. Great interview. Thanks for sharing.