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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review - Going To The Bad: A Lily Hawkins Mystery by Nora McFarland

About The Book:


Working as a TV news photographer at her hometown television station, Lilly has documented Bakersfield’s most violent crimes and tragic accidents. To stay sane and avoid burnout, she’s developed a wicked sense of humor and a very thick skin. For her, a vicious shooting is just another day on the job. But what if the victim is someone she loves? Thrown off balance by the brutal attack on her uncle Bud in her own home, Lilly decides to handle the tragedy the only way she knows how.

Using all her TV station’s resources and her own considerable skills, Lilly dives headlong into the investigation. But even with the assistance of her well-meaning but eccentric coworkers, this story may prove her last. Because as Lilly untangles a history of her uncle’s misdeeds and betrayals, a clever killer is preparing to strike again. Can she break the story in time to prevent another murder, or will Lilly be the next victim?

"Going To The Bad" is the third book in Nora McFarland's "Lily Hawkins Mystery" series, and to me, it is the liveliest, funniest book of trio. 

I adore Lily Hawkins as a main character - she is fiesty, smart and devoted to her job as a television news shooter, but also has the natural curiousity that leads her to search deeper and often gets her in deep trouble as a result! 

As this is reported to be the final book in this series, this book kind of wraps up Lily's story - and author Nora McFarland does give her fans a satisfying ending for many of the characters. But she does leave a tiny opening for perhaps a short sequel for Lily and Rod's life together afterwards. (I hope, I hope!)

Fans of fast paced, fun and intriguing mysteries will enjoy Nora McFarland's "Lily Hawkins" books.  I highly recommend them!

About The Author:

Nora McFarland has worked for CNN and is a former community relations manager for Barnes & Noble. She has an MFA from University of Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television. She lives in Macon, Georgia.
Check out her website at www.noramcfarland.com for more info on her books and upcoming projects!
And be sure to check out Nora's first two "Lily" books -

My thanks to Simon and Schuster for supplying the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.


Mystica said...

I like mystery stories with continuance - something like P D James or Miss Marple! This should be right up my street.

Sharon Galligar Chance said...

This is a great series, Mystica! I think you'd enjoy it!