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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Review - Enchanted By Starlight by Tina L. Hook

Ever wish upon a star?  In Tina L. Hook's book, three young girls wish upon a comet and find that the wishes that were granted may have been more than they could handle!

Be careful what you wish for… While they don’t know it yet, Grace, Skylar, and Alina are connected by destiny when an enchanted comet crosses the night sky. As their most secret ambitions ignite, their ordinary lives take a magical detour down a powerful but dangerous path.

Grace, emerging from her lonely childhood, develops the power to make men fall in love with her.

Skylar leaves her impoverished past behind and pursues the social status she has always longed for.

Without dreams of her own, Alina covets the power to unravel other lives and seeks revenge.

As they crash into and slip away from each other in a cycle of envy, deception, and love lost, these three women are forced to look into their own hearts for the true meaning of enchantment.

I found "Enchanted By Starlight" to be a captivating read - as you get to know the characters of Grace, Skylar and Alina, I found that each woman had her own personality quirks and endearments that added an element of interest and charm to the story.

I enjoyed how Tina Hooks gave each character their own voice in alternating chapters and her skill at blending each person's story into the overall plot was very well done. Hooks also captures the essence of Florida living - you can almost feel the sultry temperatures, imatine the sensual atmosphere of the party lifestyle, and hear the crashing waves at the beach throughout her descriptive tale.

The ultimate message of "Enchanted By Starlight"?  Be very careful what you wish for when you see a shooting star - it just might come true!

I recommend this book for adult reading - there are some mature love scenes in the story that might not be appropriate for younger readers.

Tina L. Hook grew up in Orlando, Florida where she earned a Liberal Arts degree from Rollins College. After her early career in South Florida, she eventually settled into small town life near Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two cats. When she is not daydreaming over a blinking cursor, she is blogging at GirlwithaNewLife.com. Enchanted by Starlight is her first novel.

Be sure to check out her author's website at www.tinalhooks.com

My thanks to BookSparks Publicity for providing the review copy of this book.  I was not compensated for my opinion.

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