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Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review - Storybook Dad by Laura Bradford

My friend, author Laura Bradford, has a new book out, and it is absolutely one of her best to date! 

When Mark Reynolds first meets Emily Todd, he's smitten. So is Seth, his son—which is why Mark has to nip this attraction in the bud. Emily's been honest about her diagnosis, and Mark can't put Seth through the heartbreak of another illness. Even though Emily is fit, sexy and oh-so-alive.

Mark's as close as any man's come to being the prince Emily imagined when she was a girl, right down to the gorgeous, ocean-blue eyes. But that girl never imagined herself with MS. Emily doesn't want to be anyone's burden, and she doesn't want to hurt Mark's vulnerable son. So she'll harden her heart, stick to her work and forget about the magic of Mark's touch.
Can two grown-ups with their minds made up learn a lesson in love from a four-year-old boy?

Not only has Laura Bradford written a charming and fast-paced story, she has also obviously poured her heart and soul into "Storybook Dad." 

EmilyTodd, the heroine of "Storybook Dad," is an independent, strong woman who is dealing with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis the best way she knows how - by being pro-active in keeping fit and healthy, and being protective of her heart.  But when Mark Reynolds comes into her life, Emily finds that her heart has other plans and she finds herself falling for the handsome widower. But will she be able to convince him that she is not going anywhere and won't bring further heartache into his life?

Laura's excellent storytelling skills is evident in this touching story, and she writes with a unique expertise, as she has Multiple Sclerosis herself and is a strong advocate for education about the condition.

I truly think that "Storybook Dad" is one of her best works of fiction to date! 

Laura Bradford has spent much of her life moving around. After stints in New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Missouri, she's finally settled in a quiet suburb of New York City with her daughters. A graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Laura worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance business writer before delving head first into her first love—fiction. Today, Laura writes both romance and mysteries. 

Check out her website at www.laurabradford.com for more information on her books and upcoming projects!

I purchased this book for my personal library.

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Laura said...

So glad you liked the story, Sharon! Thanks for spreading the word. It is, indeed, a special book for/to me.