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Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Spotlight - The Chemickal Marriage by Gordon Dahlquist

I'm delighted to be spotlighting a new offering from Zola Books, "The Chemickal Marriage" by Gordon Dahlquist.

A city ripped apart by riots and suicide bombs. A nation delivered into the arms of a madman. An invisible legion of enslaved minds. At the brink of the end of the world, Celeste Temple, the heroine of Gordon Dahlquist’s THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS and THE DARK VOLUME, plots her revenge and launches readers into THE CHEMICKAL MARRIAGE.

Believing her companions Cardinal Chang and Doctor Svenson to be dead, Miss Temple has committed her every resource to destroying those responsible, the Contessa di Lacquer-Sforza and Lord Robert Vandaariff, the powerful financier whose mind has been over-written with the corrupted and toxic memories of the murdered Comte d’Orkancz. 
But Celeste’s determination threatens to transform her into one of the very people she abhors, and when she finds her friends alive – each saved by a different enemy, at hideous cost – she risks losing her way, and perhaps her soul, altogether. As the storm of destruction rises, the three heroes must confront a world where good and evil can no longer be prised apart, and where hope has become the most impossible word of all.

THE CHEMICKAL MARRIAGE by Gordon Dahlquist (A Zola eBook original, ISBN 978-1-939126-02-3, Price: $13.99, available exclusively at www.zolabooks.com), the final volume in the Glass Books trilogy, completes the story begun in The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and continued in The Dark Volume.
Outstanding praise for the Glass Books trilogy:
“Furiously entertaining…utterly succeeds…thrilling.” – Boston Globe
“The most original thing I have read in years.” – Diana Gabaldon
“A tale that combines swashbuckling adventure, a big dose of science fiction and burgeoning romance.” – USA Today
“Rich…studded with treats…beautifully written.” – Entertainment Weekly
“Sweeping, highly original and absorbing…Defies categorization.” – Dallas Morning News
“Kinky. Atmospheric.” – Washington Post
“Ingenius.” –Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gordon Dahlquist is a playwright and novelist. His plays have been performed in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Portland. He has been a member of New Dramatists, and is a New York Theatre Workshop Usual Suspect. 
His works include: TEA PARTY (Bay Area Playwrights Festival), VENICE SAVED (with David Levine, PS122, New York), MESSALINA (Evidence Room, Los Angeles, Garland Award for Playwriting; SPF, New York), BABYLON IS EVERYWHERE: A COURT MASQUE [text] (CINE, Schaeberle Theatre; Theatre Magazine), DELIRIUM PALACE (Evidence Room, Los Angeles, Garland Award for Playwriting; published in Breaking Ground), THE SECRET MACHINE (Walker Space), VORTEX DU PLAISIR (Ohio Theatre), and ISLAND OF DOGS (4th Street Theatre).
His first novel, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, was a NY Times bestseller and has been published in 30 countries.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he has made his home in New York City since 1988.
Check out Zola Books (www.zolabooks.com) for more great e-books, author interviews, and more!

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