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Monday, November 19, 2012

Short Story Review - Autumn Leaves by Annabelle Gurwitch

I am delighted to share my thought about a charmingly hilarious short story, "Autumn Leaves," by Annabelle Gurwitch.


About The Story:

Facing down that half-century mark, Annabelle finds herself improbably drawn to someone half her age, a man who “shares an apartment with two roommates and…is thinking of going to Norway where there might be better employment opportunities.” 

Gurwitch hilariously details the problems her potential new love brings (“Is it a hot flash? Oh, God. But no, it’s something else. I have fallen in love with AuDum Genius”), from agonizing over her outfit for their second “date” (“I look like a police officer. It’s the best I can do”) to the task of picking a location for the affair she imagines having with him (“But where would we do it? At his apartment? No. There might be hairs of unknown provenance on the soap, black towels, and sheets that haven’t been changed recently”). She realizes that nothing short of “up against the wall, movie sex,” will do for this outing and Gurwitch hopes she’ll be able to “climb the tree” as it’s called in the Kama Sutra, if only she can figure how to do so without putting weight on her bad ankle.

It’s the anti-FIFTY SHADES OF GREY as if imagined by Nora Ephron or Kathy Griffin.

AUTUMN LEAVES is a riotously funny and poignant look at getting older, excerpted from a forthcoming memoir about turning 50, her fantasy is the launching point for a scorching examination of the indignities of aging, both large and small, in our youth obsessed culture, from the growing sense of invisibility, peri-menopausal brain fog, and even the notion of being “@#$%-able at fifty.”


I laughed, I think I wanted to cry, but overall - I could totally relate to Annabelle Gurwitch's realistic look at being a 50-year old woman in today's world.   A time when, yes, you have to find a teenager or youngish adult to explain most things to you, or at least to find your glasses so you can figure out things yourself.

Gurwitch's cuttingly witty take on her trip to the computer store will resonate with "mature" readers - ok, you'll probably spit tea through your nose as you read this - but hey, that's the generation we are from!

I highly recommend this short story as a light piece of reading for those times when you need a little lift!

About The Author:

Actress and author, Annabelle Gurwitch took on “happily ever after” in her book, YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY SHUT UP…A LOVE STORY. “Tomato,” the stage play, is currently enjoying its second national tour. She celebrated being made redundant by Woody Allen in her book FIRED! with stories by Andy Borowitz, Judd Apatow, and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Her credits including hosting “Dinner & A Movie” on TBS, and appearances on “Dexter,” “Seinfeld,” “Oprah,” “Today,” “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and pieces in The Nation, The Huffington Post and on NPR.

Gurwitch’s writing provocatively captures topics in the cultural zeitgeist. O the Oprah Magazine has called her “slyly subversive.” People magazine deemed TOMATO “laugh out loud funny” and Time included FIRED! and the eponymous documentary, in a cover story on “Ideas That Are Changing the World.” As a regular commentator skewering everything from politics to pop culture on NPR and as a humorist for The Nation, she now turns her attention to hitting the half-century mark.
Annabelle's short story is available exclusively through Zola Books - click here for more information - http://www.zolabooks.com/book/autumn-leaves/overview


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