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Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Blog Tour Stop - The Fart That Saved Christmas: An Adult's Christmas Tale by Jacob Morningside

By Popular Demand!!!!  I'm happy today to be a stop on the book blog tour for the hilarious Christmas book, "The Fart That Saved Christmas!" by Jacob Morningside.

The behind the scenes story of what really happened "The Night Before Christmas."

It's Christmas Eve. The reindeer go on strike with a list of demands for Santa, the elves and Mrs. Claus. Santa gets "loaded" and threatens to cancel Christmas, fire the deer and divorce Mrs. Claus. But, just when all seems lost, Christmas is saved by a timely fart.


Who says that kids have the market on all the Christmas and Santa fun?  In this delightful and hilariously funny picture book for grown-ups, author Jacob Morningside gives readers the real scoop on life at the North Pole!  Santa is a grump, the reindeers are feisty, Mrs. Claus is ... less than grandmotherly, and Christmas is in danger of being called off!  I never thought I'd write these words, but thank goodness for flatulence!

This definitely mature picture book is filled with colorful and risque drawings by artist Nadja Andrasev, and the poem (a take-off on "The Night Before Christmas classic) is well written and lively.

I enjoyed reading this funny little book, and recommend it to those who have a youthful spirit and funny bone!

(In his own words) Born into a body inhabited by multiple muse personalities, I create stories by stretching the "normal" beyond the boundaries of the absurd. The result is a worm-hole ride to the Far Side. I love a good story — so, I wrote one. Enjoy it with my wishes for a happy holiday season.

Jacob Morningside's Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fart-That-Saved-Christmas/136942536447992

Price: $4.99
Format: Ebook
Pages: 40 illustrated
Publisher: Publish Green
iBookstore buy link ($4.99):http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-fart-that-saved-christmas/id560241061?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

The Fart That Saved Christmas blog tour site:http://thefartthatsavedchristmas.blogspot.com/

My thanks to Tribute Book Blog Tours for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.


Tribute Books said...

"I never thought I'd write these words, but thank goodness for flatulence!"

Sharon, that cracked me up! Thanks for the review, and I'm so glad you got a chuckle out of Jacob's book.

Merry Christmas :)

Jacob Morningside said...

Sharon, thank you so very much for your time and kindness in reviewing my book. Happy laughter and love to you this holiday season. Jacob Morningside

Sharon Galligar Chance said...

Nicole and Jacob - loved the book! Thanks for stopping by!

Cheryl said...

I almost requested this one to review, but my schedule is a bit crazy right now.

This book sounds hilarious.