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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Book Spotlight - Miracle on I-40 by Curtiss Ann Matlock

My beloved friend, author Curtiss Ann Matlock, is well known for her down home, heartfelt romances - each one written from her heart and soul.

Now, I am so pleased to let readers know that Curtiss Ann's books are being made available for e-readers, just in time for the holidays!

Her classic Christmas tale, "Miracle on I-40," is one of my favorite of her books and I highly recommend you give it a read!  You will be so glad you did!

New in ebook!
Miracle On I-40…
Lacey Brant is the ever-hopeful waitress at Gerald’s Truckstop Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a spot that is clear across the country from her home and family in North Carolina. It has been eleven years since Lacey ran away from her angry father. Now she wants to go home again. A single mother struggling to raise her own children, she longs for her father’s forgiveness, her mother’s sweet embrace, and to share with her aging parents the two grandchildren they have never seen.

Cooper is every inch a modern-day Scrooge who wants no part of traveling across country with two children. But he has promised to help out a friend, so he loads Lacey and her brood into his eighteen-wheeler and carries them across the country with him on Interstate-40. As the miles roll under the big truck’s wheels, it turns out to be Lacey and her children who are bringing Cooper along with them, on a journey that takes them home to the heart.

In this revised edition of a Curtiss Ann Matlock classic, readers are treated once again to a cast of lovable characters in a magical romance as sweet and tender as a Christmas cookie. Open the pages and enjoy!

This and other Curtiss Ann Matlock books are available in e-book from the following venders:
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nook
e-Books.com– for your Apple or Android device, Nook, Kobo, PC, Mac…


Curtiss Ann Matlock - in her own words!

I have been writing and publishing novels for nearly thirty years. (Where did those years go? I started when I was five, ha!) My novels are published world-wide by Mira Books, Silhouette Books, and Avon Books. Through the years I have received recognition in awards and seeing my books on bestseller lists. What my writing has given me most, though, is meeting people I would not have otherwise met, including myself. My latest novel is Little Town, Great Big Life, the eighth and final book in the Valentine Series. The Books page contains a listing of all my books.

This blog (www.curtissannmatlock.com) is for myself as a writer, but more, myself as a woman experiencing this amazing life down here on earth. Quite a number of years ago, at a point when I was ill in body, mind, and spirit from what was then little known Celiac Disease, I was introduced to the discipline of a daily gratitude list and journaling. This discipline proved to shine a powerful light of hope and faith into my life. It has helped me to know who I am, to remember the truths I already know, to navigate the sometimes bumpy journey. On the dark days, those days that I cannot seem to string together two positive thoughts in a row without my brain exploding, the discipline has been my saving grace. It has enabled me to find my footing. On those days when I’ve felt as if I could fly, the discipline has grounded me and given my high spirit direction.

I have for many years shared my writings with dear friends, who have shared theirs with me. In the sharing, we were all helped. Now, with this blog, it is my aim to pass on the hope and encouragement, and hopefully a bit of laughter.

And, after all, a writer writes to be read.

Sharon's Note:  Curtiss Ann writes a wonderful blog - I encourage you to visit it often!

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