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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Blog Tour Stop and Review - This Is How I Save My Life by Amy B. Scher

I'm excited to share with readers an incredible book about one amazing young woman's journey to heal herself and her adventures along the way!

A fiery young woman with a debilitating and misdiagnosed disease travels to a tiny clinic in India for a controversial embryonic stem cell treatment. On the journey to save her miserably failing body, she finds a world of cultural mayhem, radical medical treatment, and most importantly, a piece of her life that she never even knew she was searching for.

"This is How I Save My Life" takes readers on a heartwarming and often hilarious journey as Amy grasps at her last hope for health. Why do some people heal from emotional or physical issues, while others don't? Through extensive research and her own recovery experience, Amy finds the most important piece for her own healing-the impact of unprocessed negative emotions on our physical bodies. This powerful and uplifting story of sheer determination is for anyone who believes in-or doubts-the existence of miracles and the infinite power of self-healing.

The subtitle for this book is "A true story of embryonic stem cells, Indian adventures, and ultimate self-healing."  Amy Scher covers all this and so much more in this memoir of her search for restoring her health after dealing with Chronic Lyme disease.

I was fascinated at the ... well - let's just say it - the guts that it took for this young woman to take a chance on a treatment that took her all the way to India to procure, and I was equally fascinated to follow her treatements that have been a roaring success for her!  Say what you will about the controversy over using embryonic stem cells - when you are in so much pain you don't know how you will live the next moment in time - you grasp for anything that offers hope.  I applaud Amy for her bravery and cheer for her recovery!

Written in her own voice, this book is part diary/part travelouge - and one hundred percent entralling!  I highly recommend it!

Amy B. ScherAmy B. Scher is the author of This is How I Save My Life – A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing (January 2013). With a history of chronic illness, Amy set out to discover the foundation of healing. She is an expert in mind-body-spirit healing with offices in Los Angeles and Monterey, California.

She uses energy therapy techniques to help those with chronic illness and those in need of emotional healing to identify, release and move on. Amy is an Ordained Minister of Holistic Healing.

She is a frequent contributor to healthcare blogs and has presented to groups including the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. Amy lives by the self-created motto: “When life kicks your ass, kick back.”

Check out her website at www.amybscher.com

Also, check out this amazing video about Amy's journey!

My thanks to Booksparks PR and the author for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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