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Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review - The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns by Margaret Dilloway



Thirty-six-year-old Gal Garner lives a regimented life. Her job teaching biology and her struggle with kidney disease keep her toggling between the high school, the hospital, and her home on a strict schedule.
Only at home, in her garden, does Gal come alive. It's here that she experiments with Hulthemia roses, painstakingly cross-pollinating various specimens in the hopes of creating a brand-new variation of spectacular beauty. But even her passion has a highly structured goal: Gal wants to win Queen of Show in a major competition and bring that rose to market.
Then one afternoon Gal's teenaged niece Riley, the daughter of her estranged sister, arrives. Unannounced. Neither one of them will ever be the same.
Filled with gorgeous details of the art of rose breeding, The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns is a testament to the redemptive power of love.

As a rose grower and lover, it was the title of this book that drew me in, and after the first chapter, it was the story that kept me reading!

Not only does author Margaret Dilloway include fascinating tidbits about the growing and showing of roses, she also includes a heart-wrenching story of one woman's wait for a kidney transplant while she deals with caring for her sister's only daughter. There is humor here, but also a little sadness, but a lot of joy.

At first, I wasn't completely in love with the character of Galilee Garner, the prickly teacher who has such a love for roses - but as the story progressed, I grew to understand and admire her for her honesty, her frustrations, and her genuiness!  She is one character that will stand out in the reader's memory long after the book is finished!

I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy contemporary fiction!

Margaret Dilloway

Margaret Dilloway lives in Southern California with her husband and their three young children. Her blog, American Housewife, can be found on her website at www.margaretdilloway.com.
This is her second novel.

This book was purchased for my personal library.

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