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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review - Knot What It Seams: A Southern Quilting Mystery by Elizabeth Craig

I tickled to death to tell you about a wonderful cozy mystery, "Knot What It Seams: A Southern Quilting Mystery," by a wonderful author, Elizabeth Craig!

When former folk art curator Beatrice Coleman retired to Dappled Hills, North Carolina, for peace and quiet and quilting, she never expected that murder would disturb the peace...
Dwindling membership has the Village Quilters hanging by a thread, and group leader Meadow Downey is desperate to recruit some new folks. With Beatrice’s blessing, she attempts to weave frequent quilt show judge Jo Paxton into their fold. As the town’s irascible mail carrier, Jo delivers trouble wherever she goes. And with all that mail at her fingertips, she knows everyone’s business.

Soon Beatrice wonders if they’ve made the right choice.
After a car accident sends Jo to meet her Maker, it’s discovered someone tampered with her brakes. Meadow believes someone’s out to eradicate the Village Quilters, but Beatrice isn’t so sure. Now she and her fellow quilters will have to piece together the clues, or a deadly killer might strike again.…
Includes quilting tips and recipes!

This is the second book in Elizabeth Craig's Southern Quilting Mystery series, and readers are again drawn into the fold of the Village Quilters Guild of Dappled Hills, North Carolina - where the gossip is good and the quilting is sublime!

This time, the super-competitive world of quilt shows is central to the story as the gals from Village Quilters coax quilt judge Jo Paxton to join their dwindling group. Jo is a well-known critic who makes the rounds of the area quilt shows, however she is not the most popular gal around - but it is still a shock when she is killed in a tragic accident.  Or was it an accident after all?

It's up to Beatrice Coleman and her group of sassy seamstresses to uncover the real reason for Jo's death, and they are surprised to find suspects springing out from the most unexpected places.  Can the gals sew up the mystery before anyone else is tangled in the threads of a killer?

Elizabeth Craig has created a charming world of quilting, friendship and intrigue with this series, and "Knot What It Seams" is a fun, fast-paced and intruiging tale - a great addition to this collection.  The characters Elizabeth has created are quirky and personable, and who wouldn't want to live in a lovely town with the name of Dappled Hills - it just sounds idyllic!

Fans of cozy mysteries, quilting, and well-written fiction will enjoy this book, and this series!  I highly recommend it, and if you missed Elizabeth's first book in the Southern Quilting Mysteries, "Quilt or Innocence," I urge you to check it as well!  It's a winner as well!

Elizabeth Craig writes the Memphis Barbeque series as Riley Adams and the Southern Quilting mysteries under her own name. A lifelong resident of the South, she enjoys finding inspiration for the Southern Quilting mysteries in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Check out her website at www.elizabethspanncraig.com for more information about her books!

My thanks to Berkley Prime Crime/Penguin Books for providing the review copy of this book. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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