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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Review - The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

Nestled on the Oregon coast is Thunder Point, a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm. Locals love the land's unspoiled beauty. Developers see it as a potential gold mine. When newcomer Hank Cooper learns he's been left an old friend's entire beachfront property, he finds himself with a community's destiny in his hands.

Cooper has never been a man to settle in one place, and Thunder Point was supposed to be just another quick stop. But Cooper finds himself getting involved with the town. And with Sarah Dupre, a woman as complicated as she is beautiful.

With the whole town watching for his next move, Cooper has to choose between his old life and a place full of new possibilities. A place that just might be home.

 I have been anxiously awaiting Robyn Carr's new series for some time now, and I'm so thrilled that the first book in her "Thunder Point" series has arrived.  With very loose connections to her highly popular "Virgin River" series, Robyn has created a whole new wonderful place for her readers to find brilliant stories about fascinating people! 

Robyn introduces the town of Thunder Point, a beachside community on the Oregon coast, where the town is small enough that everyone knows everyone, and all their business too, usually!  This is a charming small town that has just enough neighborliness and gossip-iness to make life pretty interesting.

To begin the new series, Robyn brings in a newcomer to town, Hank Cooper, who has come to find out what happen to his friend Ben, and is shocked to find out that he has been left a dilapidated old beach-front bar and some of the most beautiful, undeveloped land in the area. While Coop begins to sort out what he plans to do with this unexpected inheritance, he begins to get to know the people in town, including the beautiful and feisty Coast Guard helicopter rescue pilot Sarah Dupre.  What may have been planned as a short stop in town may turn into a little longer stay for Coop as he becomes ingrained in the community of Thunder Point.

I was charmed with "The Wanderer." Robyn Carr adds together the right amount of romance and intrigue to keep her readers enthralled throughout the story, and looking forward to the next book in the series!  I know I can't wait!

Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit Robyn Carr’s website at www.RobynCarr.com.

Be sure to watch for the next two books in Robyn's new series -

 I purchased this book for my personal collection.

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