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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Blog Tour Stop - The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller

The Love Wars by Alison Heller
The Love Wars by Alison Heller
About The Love Wars:

Breaking up is hard to do. At least the first few times.
Even though Molly Grant has only a handful of relationships behind her, she’s already been through more divorces than she can count.

At the premier Manhattan law firm where she’s a matrimonial attorney, the hours are long, the bosses tyrannical, and the bonuses stratospheric. Her clients are rich, famous, and used to getting their way. Molly’s job—and primary concern in life— is to work as hard as possible to make sure they do. Until she meets the client who changes everything….

Fern Walker is the desperate former wife of a ruthless media mogul. Her powerful ex is slowly pushing her out of her young children’s lives, and she fears losing them forever. Molly—haunted by an incident from her own past—finds herself unable to walk away from Fern and sets out to help her. She just needs to do it without her bosses finding out.

Now, as complications both professional and personal stack up, Molly can only hope that her own wits, heart, and instincts are enough—both in and out of court.

My Thoughts:

Cleverly written with a smart storyline and a cast of captivating characters, "The Love Wars" is one of those sassy summertime novels that will keep the reader entertained to the very end.

As a former paralegal, I found the legal workings of the story to be fascinating, and it reminded me of why I was really happy to not be working for a divorce attorney back then!

I highly recommend "The Love Wars" for those looking for a fast-moving read.

About The Author:

L. Alison Heller is a divorce lawyer and mediator who started her own practice after working for several years in Manhattan law firms. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young daughters. THE LOVE WARS is her first novel. Visit her website at lalisonheller.com

My thanks to BookSparks PR for including me on this book tour and to NAL Books for providing the review copy.  I was not compensated for my opinion.

"The Love Wars" is a part of BookSparks 2013 Summer Reading Roadtrip Challenge!
To Join in - http://www.booksparkspr.com/src2013/

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