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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review - The Big 5-0: A Mattie Mason Mystery by Peggy Browning

About The Book:

Every year on her birthday, Matilda (Mattie) Mason visits the doctor to predict her physical health for the next year. Then she visits the psychic to predict everything else for the next year. "Be careful what you wish for..." Teresa, the psychic warns when Mattie tells her that this is the year she wants her dreams to come true. Change is coming, according to the psychic...will it be a good change or...well, you know...

Matilda Mason has been a good wife, an excellent mother, an obedient daughter, and a darn good garden reporter for the Cambridge Daily News. She's given all of herself to others...making sure everyone was well-taken-care-of whether they like it or not. She's baked birthday cakes, decorated her home, ironed her husband's shirts, and turned her newspaper stories in on deadline (most of the time.) Now she wonders if that's enough...and she finds, with some regret, that maybe it isn't, really, quite enough.

 Since childhood, Mattie wanted to be an investigative reporter, but then LIFE happened, and she never pursued her real love, her true desire, her longed-for dream.

No matter what happens, Mattie Mason's 50th birthday is a real game changer. The life she's known and the life she's wished for converge and toss her world upside down. The one thing that's constant in life is change...and Mattie's in for some big changes...

My Thoughts:

Peggy Browning takes her readers on a rollicking ride through the joys of turning 50 years old in her new novel, "The Big 5-0," and what a trip it is!

Mattie Mason has turned 50 and finds her entire world suddenly in disarray. Life is about to change in big ways, whether she is ready or not. Luckily, the plucky newspaper lady has the gumption to weather the storm and plenty of friends and family to see her through.

Always wanting to be an investigative reporter, Mattie finds that she is investigating her own husband when he starts being all mysterious. But her sleuthing uncovers more than she bargains for and it will take some quick tap-dancing to get herself out of one bind after another.

Peggy has created a charming cast of characters in this debut novel - people you would swear were living right next door. And her storyline is fast-paced, lively and downright funny.  It was a pleasure to visit with the good folks of Cambridge, Texas, and I look forward to the next installment in this series.

About The Author:

Peggy Browning writes boomer lit...addressing the issues that face women over the age of 50. She writes about relationships, attitudes, problems and joys of being over the age of 50. Browning had an epiphany when she reached 50...this is Life and it's meant to be lived with laughter and love.

"The Big 5-0" is the first book in the Mattie Mason Mystery series. This is her first novel. Browning is the author of "Fifty Odd: Viewing Life after 50 through Rose-Colored Bifocals" and "Square Peg's Words of Wisdom."

Her blog and website are: http://fiftyodd.com

Browning lives in Texas and enjoys researching, writing, and observing life. She is easily amused and easily entertained. Browning's motto is : "The most wasted day of all is that on which you have not laughed."

To Purchase the Book:

Also, be sure to check out Peggy's book of essays on the joys of turning 50! They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry, they'll make you think! 

To Purchase the Book:

I received a review copy of this book from the author. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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