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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Snapshot! Don and a Good Friend!

I know this is late sliding in here, but I wanted to share these wonderful photos with you!

As some of you might know, my husband Don is a writer, but he is also a very talented professional musician - has been for over 30 years!  And along the way, he has met and been friends with some equally talented people.

A good friend of ours was in town Thursday night for a gala opening of an exhibit at The Museum of North Texas History on "The Golden Age of Honky Tonks!"  His name is Bill Mack.

Now some of you may know Bill from his years on the radio as the "Midnight Cowboy" on Dallas radio station WBAP - the man who kept the truckers awake from coast-to-coast with good ol' country music.

Some of you may know him as the talented songwriter who wrote "Blue," the Grammy-Award winning song that started LeAnn Rimes on the road to being the star she is today.  He also wrote one of my favorite songs, "Drinking Champagne," as well as a slew of others.

Don and I simply know him as our friend, Bill.  He has always been encouraging to Don in his music career, even singing with Don's band occasionally when we lived in the Dallas area.  But Bill will always hold a place in my heart for announcing on the airwaves the birth of our second son, Clayton!

Here's Bill and Don -

Bill Mack and Don

Just saying Hi!

We love ya, Bill!

Here's Bill singing the original version of "Blue"

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Greg said...

Nice pics. I like that version of Blue!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds fun.

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Peggy Ann said...

Great post! Thanks for the song!