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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Post - Bestselling Author Jodi Thomas talks about her new book, Promise Me Texas. Plus a review of Promise Me Texas!

I'm honored to host bestselling author Jodi Thomas today!  Jodi has graciously written a guest post regarding the inspiration behind her characters in her latest book, Promise Me Texas.

When I began PROMISE ME TEXAS, I thought about how some people are actors and some are reactors.  Some, like my Beth McMurray, are tired of waiting and decide to make change happen, while others watch.
On a sudden impulse, she travels north, catching up to the train her fiancé is on. She plans to surprise him.  Within hours, she realizes her mistake.  He’s not the man she thought him to be.  When a train wreck happens, she has only a moment to stand by the bum, or turn to a stranger and claim him as hers.  As always, Beth jumps.
Andrew McLaughlin, on the other hand, has always been a reactor.  He watches people, writes about places and daydreams.  When the beautiful lady claims him as hers, he goes along.  Interested in the details of this story this pretty lady seems to be living in. 

When he first wakes up from the wreck, injured and disoriented, he finds they’re engaged.  Second time, Beth claims they are married. Third time, he sees two kids in the pictures.  Confused, he doses off wondering what the grandkids will look like when he wakes again.
In my story Beth McMurray is the spoiled youngest daughter of Teagan McMurray who owns the powerful Whispering Mountain Ranch in Texas.  Since she was a baby everyone has always commented on how beautiful she is.  How Perfect.  So, of course, she wants to marry the perfect man and waits for him. 
Only one man, a senator from Washington D.C., seems good enough for her wish list.  They met when she was sixteen and wrote for years.  Now, well into her twenties, she decides to board a train and surprise him as he travels to meet her.  Though dressed in trousers, she’s packed away her wedding dress to slip into when they finally are together.  Only before she has a chance to pull off her disguise, she learns he’s not the man she’s dreamed of for years.  He is self-centered, a braggart, and dishonest.
As the train rushes toward Dallas, she cries as she hides in the last boxcar that carries her horse.  Beth knows she has to disappear before he sees her, but how? At a midnight water stop, she watches bandits board the train like ghosts in the rain.  Before she can warn anyone, the train wrecks.  A strong arm of a man grabs her as the cars tumble.  The stranger jumps free of the cars but is hurt as he protects her. In the darkness, amid all the chaos, Beth must decide to claim the senator or the robber as her fiancé.
The choice will change her destiny as well as his.
Come along with me on the journey with Beth and Andrew.  You’ll fall in love and laugh with them and see what a mess they make of their lives with only a few white lies.
I’d love to hear how you like PROMISE ME TEXAS and if you’ve even had one simple little white lie turn your world around.
Jodi Thomas


My Thoughts:

"Promise Me Texas" is the seventh book in Jodi Thomas' "Whispering Mountain" series, and it is, in my opinion, one of her best stories! 

I absolutely loved the interaction between the main characters Beth and Andrew - it was sassy, easy, sometimes feisty and at times, downright hilarious!  These two didn't have an easy road to their romance, but it was adventurous to say the least!

I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this story - Colby and Madie, the two little boys Levi and Leonard, and of course, Father Benjamin. Their stories are just as fascinating, and add to the overall tale of the rough and wild early days of Texas.

If you enjoy stories filled with love, laughter and life - then this is the book for you!  Jodi has really knocked it out of the park with "Promise Me Texas" and her fans are going to fall in love with her writing all over again with this tale!

My thanks to Jodi for her wonderful guest post, and for providing the review copy of "Promise Me Texas."

I was not compensated for my opinion.

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