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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Small Reviews of Small Books - Pies, Art, Crafts and Shortness

This time of year, people start looking for unique books to fit the unique people in their lives. 

I present to you four very unique books that have caught my eye!  Each one of them a gem in their own rights.

About The Book:

In this debut collection, award-winning poet and baker Kate Lebo redefines everything we thought we knew about pie. An eclectic mix of prose poems, fantasy zodiac, and humor, A Commonplace Book of Pie explores the tension between the container and the contained while considering the real and imagined relationships between pie and those who love it.

Expanding on Lebo's successful chapbook of the same name, this volume includes new poems as well as more than two dozen Americana-themed illustrations by artist Jessica Lynn Bonin. Bonin's art adds a sense of nostalgia alongside Lebo's modern style, and together with the text, puts pie and the art of baking in a fresh, contemporary context.

My Thoughts:

I love pie, and I loved Kate Lebo's book on pies! Filled with witty observations on what type of person likes what type of pie, and illustrated with the most glorious art by Jessica Bonin, this is a charming little book that any pie-maker or pie-eater will adore!

About The Author:

Kate Lebo makes poems and pies in Seattle. Her writing has appeared in Best New Poets, Gastronomica, and Poetry Northwest. When Kate is not creating poems, she is hosting her semi-secret pie social, Pie Stand, around the US, teaching creative writing at the University of Washington and Richard Hugo House, and pie-making at Pie School, her cliche-busting pastry academy.

About The Book:

Popular illustrator Lee Crutchley is no stranger to creative blocks. Whether he's working for a corporate client or creating his own art, Crutchley has faced that blank page (and tablet screen) more times than he can count — and through trial and error and sheer force of will, he's come up with a range of lively prompts, activities, and challenges that help to shift the perspective and get those creative juices flowing again in new and surprising ways.

This upbeat, interactive, and very cool book will be any creative person's best friend — filled with inspiration, humor, wisdom, commiseration, and help whenever the reader needs it most.

My Thoughts:

What a clever and inspiring book that any artist, be they beginners or masters, will enjoy.  Lee Crutchley gives great prompts to unblock even the most obstinate of creative blocks with this slender volume. This book will become a keepsake for the recipient who is lucky enough to receive it!

About The Author:

Lee Crutchley is an illustrator, blogger, and author whose first book, Quoteskine, has been called "Awesome," "Crap," "Inspirational," "Disrespectful," "Crammed full of wit," "Amazeballs," "Kind of like Banksy with a sketchbook and some Sharpies," and more. He lives in Staffordshire, England.

About The Book:

Whether you're a crafting pro or newbie, this book shows how to turn five minutes, a few simple items, and your own creativity into stylish, personalized stuff, including:
• Brick Bookends
• Berry Personalized Stationery
• Faux French Lockets
• Sweetheart Sugar Jars
• Traveling Globes
• Takeout Container Lanterns
• Paint-Swatch Key Hooks
• Pantone Placemats

My Thoughts:

Young and groovy hipsters will love this hip and cool book of easy-to-do craft projects that will give pop and personality to any dorm room or apartment!  And best of all, they are easy to do and usually can be accomplished with items found around the house!

About The Authors:

Alison Caporimo is a writer with a penchant for crafting, drinking tea, and talking about London where she lived for a short while. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Alison found her inspiration for style and design while blogging for fashion publication Harper’s Bazaar. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Allure and Every Day with Rachael Ray, and she is currently the senior associate editor at Reader’s Digest where she writes about home décor, financial advice, popular culture, and travel. Alison lives in an apartment in Brooklyn with more terrariums than you can handle.

Meera Lee Patel is an artist raised by the New Jersey shore where she swam the bright waters and climbed cherry blossom trees until she grew old enough to draw them. Her illustrations, inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, have appeared in numerous publications and have been translated into housewares and apparel by companies such as Poketo and Urban Outfitters. Meera currently lives in and works from her studio in Jersey City, New Jersey.

And last, but certainly not least ...

About The Book:

"5'1 is the new 6'2, and Becky's book proves it." –Kristen Bell

 Leggy supermodels and pro basketball players be warned: being tall doesn’t mean you’re always a step up in life

Graphic designer Becky Murphy is five-foot-nothing and proud to be petite. Sure, sometimes being diminutive gets you the short end of the stick, but there are also plenty of unique advantages to being under 5’4”—and Murphy has compiled the 100 best reasons in the delightfully whimsical I’d Rather Be Short. Illustrated in a charming, quirky style, I’d Rather Be Short highlights the benefits of being petite, from the sensible to the absurd, including:

·        You get the best of both worlds: kids’ meals and cocktail parties
·        You’re never expected to help your friends move
·        Concertgoers usually won’t hassle you when you shimmy up to the front
·        You’re less likely to get struck by lightning
·        Skirts can be dresses; dresses can be skirts
·        You’re just the way you should be

Witty and heartwarming, I’d Rather Be Short is a celebration of self-acceptance—and an instant ego boost to pint-sized ladies everywhere.

My Thoughts:

This "small" book is packed with big wisdom and insights for those of us who are not giants in the world!  Becky Murphy's fantastic sense of humor shines in this hilarious book that gives us short people a reason to "stand tall" in our shortness!  It is the perfect gift for that perfect-sized person in your life!

About the Author:

Becky Murphy is a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. She lives in Austin, Texas, and is 5'0".

My thanks to the publishers of these books - Plume, Ulysses Press, Penguin, and Chin Music Press - for the review copies of these books. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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