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Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Review - Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

About The Book:

Since the loss of her family in a plane crash, Harley Diekerhoff has led a quiet life and keeps to herself. Taking the temporary job at the Copper Mountain Ranch as widower Brock Sheenan’s housekeeper seems perfect for her. But her calm cocoon is invaded with the arrival of Brock’s pre-teen twins, Mack and Molly who’ve never experienced a proper Christmas and before she knows it, Harley’s determined to make their holiday perfect.

Annoyed at first by Harley’s interference, Brock is secretly pleased she’s changed Mack and Molly’s world. It doesn’t hurt that he finds Harley incredibly attractive, fierce, smart and passionate. It’s also an added bonus that she’s not afraid to challenge him and get his blood heated! But when sparks fly and the attractions sizzles between them, Harley’s not so sure she can handle something permanent with this dark, taciturn cowboy who doesn’t know how to let her in. But Brock is determined to hold on to her and praying for a Christmas miracle…

My Thoughts:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the special Christmas-themed novellas featuring the folks of Marietta, Montana, and Jane Porter's story, "Christmas at Copper Mountain," is like the cherry on top - just a perfect ending for a great group of holiday tales.

This story is a real heart-grabber. The widow and the widower, each trying to deal with their own grief, finding the holidays have brought them together, and perhaps love will keep them together - but first, there are many obstacles to overcome, including the rancher's precocious 11-year old twins!  There is a little bit of every emotion found in this short, but powerful story - grief, loneliness, happiness, forgiveness, but best of all, a happy-ever-after ending that is satisfying and heartwarming.

I highly suggest this charming story for picking up your Christmas spirit! And, if you'd like to experience all the Copper Mountain Christmas stories together, a print edition is now available!

About The Author:

Born in Visalia, California, Jane Porter is a small-town girl at heart. She loves central California's golden foothills, oak trees and the miles of farmland, rich with the sweet and heady fragrance of orange blossoms.

As a little girl Jane spent hours on her bed, staring out the window, dreaming of far-off places, fearless knights, princesses and happy-ever-after endings. Her parents fed her imagination by taking her family to Europe for a year when she was thirteen. That incredible year in Europe changed Jane’s life, and overseas she discovered a huge and wonderful world with different cultures and customs. She spent much of her high school and college years abroad, studying in South Africa, Japan and Ireland. South Africa remains a country of her heart, the people, the land and politics complex and heart-wrenching. Jane loved everything about Europe, as well, but felt especially passionate about Italy and those gorgeous Italian men (no wonder her very first Presents hero was Italian).

With her bachelors degree from UCLA in American Studies, a program that combines American literature and American history, she’s worked in sales and marketing. Later Jane earned her masters in writing from the University of San Francisco and taught junior high and high school English. She now lives in rugged Seattle, Washington, with her two young sons. She never minds a rainy day, either, because that's when she sits at her desk and writes stories about far-away places, fascinating people, and most important of all, love. Jane likes a story with a happy ending. But then, she believes we all do.

Be sure to check out her website at www.janeporter.com

I purchased this book for my personal collection. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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