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Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Review - Once Upon A Chirstmas by CurtissAnn Matlock

About The Book:

Upon arriving on the rough Texas Frontier, with her two sons and a trunk full of dreams for a new life, Olivia Pritchett discovers the man she was to marry has died. The prospect of the long trip back from where she came, to make her boys spend Christmas traveling, is too painful to face. With all her strength, she prevails upon her fiancé's partner to allow her and her boys to see the place where they had pinned all their hopes, and to be able to spend at least Christmas at the ranch that was to be her home.

Monroe Locket wants no part of a widow-woman mail-order bride, nor her snot-nosed boys. He can’t manage to deny her, however, and nothing he does seems to daunt her. Olivia is one determined woman, who makes biscuits better than any two angels trying hard in heaven, and who manages to bring Christmas right along with her.

Once Upon A Christmas is a revised edition of a novella long out of print. With it, Curtiss Ann Matlock once again gives us a space to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, to lift our hearts, and to experience the joy beyond reason.
My Thoughts:
I have known CurtissAnn Matlock for 15 years - we met at a big book signing held in honor of the grand opening of our new library here in my hometown, and it has been an honor to review her books ever since.  She is a wonderful author who captures small-town life and the people who populate those towns in a gentle and fascinating manner that pulls the reader in and entertains them superbly. Plus she is a lovely friend!
"Once Upon A Christmas" is, in my opinion, one of CurtissAnn's best works.
Set in the era after the Civil War, this is the story of a widow, Olivia Pritchett, her two sons, and the adventure they find themselves on as they travel to Texas to begin their lives over. Upon her arrival in the dusty small town, Olivia discovers the man she intended to marry has died, and his partner would just as soon Olivia and her boys would leave on the same stage they arrived on.  But seeing as it was almost Christmas, Olivia talks the slightly-scary Monroe Locket into allowing them to stay through the holidays.  Over the following few days, the two soon find that they have the flickering of feelings for each other, but can love's flame spark on the Texas plains?  You'll have to read and see!
CurtissAnn's master storytelling skills are at their best in this historical, romantic novella. She can spin a magical story filled with adventure and a generous dose of love and faith. Her characters are personable and the plot moves along quickly, making this a fast, but very satisfying read.
I highly recommend "Once Upon A Christmas" for sparking the holiday spirit!
About The Author:
Curtiss Ann Matlock is the author of nearly forty books and short stories. With over 7 million copies in print worldwide, her books have earned rave reviews, spots on the USA TODAY bestseller list and numerous awards.

Born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, into a family of avid readers, Curtiss Ann began reading before entering first grade and was writing vignettes while still in elementary school. Her writing career began in her early thirties, with publication of two small, warm-hearted articles about her life, for which she received a total of $100. She was so enthused at this success that she immediately started writing her first novel. She also enrolled in the professional writing program at the University of Oklahoma, studying under the distinguished writer and teacher Jack Bickham and bestselling mystery novelist, Carolyn Hart. In her second year of study, Curtiss Ann experienced the dream of selling the first novel she ever wrote, a romance, to Harlequin Books.

Told with a strong Southern voice, her insightful stories portray the uncommon valor of everyday people and the humor, heartbreak, and shining graces of small-town life. In 1999,Lost Highways was published by Mira Books. The book was nominated for a RITA Award in women’s fiction and began the warm-hearted and funny series about the lives of the beloved characters in fictional Valentine, Oklahoma. The sixth book of the Valentine series, Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel, was a 2005 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist.
 purchased this book for my personal library. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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