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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Saved By The Belles by Beth Albright - Review

About The Book:

Life is finally wonderful for Tuscaloosa’s Blake O’Hara Heart: a rekindled love affair with her high school sweetheart and a precious new baby on the way. But when she gets an unexpected call from Harry Heart, her soon to be ex-husband, Blake’s new sweet world is turned upside down. Harry vows his love – but soon Blake discovers he is running from a sex scandal—one that could ruin Harry, the freshman senator from Alabama, and bring down Blake right along with him.

Blake is in a fix so she does what any southern woman would do: she rounds up her Sassy Belle sisters to try to prove Harry’s innocence. Blake, Vivi and Dallas band together to fix this scandal and get that man back to Washington if it’s the last thing they do. But Blake is running out of time. Her new baby is waiting for no one as Harry’s new political career is hanging in the balance.

From a trailer-park brothel to the high-society neighborhoods of Tuscaloosa, y’all grab your best girlfriends and some sweet tea and join Blake and her girls on this twisted tale of intrigue and hilarity, southern-style.

My Thoughts:

Those sassy southern gals are at it again in Beth Albright's latest installment of her Sassy Belles series, "Saved By The Belles."

Albright takes her readers back to the lively action in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where the Sassy Belles - Blake, Vivi and Dallas - are always in the center of any happening. This time the very pregnant Blake is contacted by her soon-to-be ex-husband Harry Heart who desperately needs her help to save him from a very sticky situation that could endanger his political career.  Blake is reluctant - she just wants to have her happily-ever-after life with the love of her life, Sonny - but she relents when she finds out Harry's mess could drag her name in the mud too.  So she rounds up her bestie and her sister, and between the three of them ... well, any no-good-doer had better watch out when the Sassy Belles are on the job!

I just absolutely adore Beth Albright's stories about the Sassy Belles. As someone who loves the Deep South, and Tuscaloosa in particular, it's a true delight to read about the familiar landmarks that are featured in these stories. And the characters that frolic through these tales, those classy, brassy gales, are sure to become as dear as your favorite family and friends.

"Saved By The Belles" is a delightful novella that serves as a candy-coated treat to satisfy fans of Albright's books, a delicious read to hold the reader until the next fun-filled book comes along!  Perfect for a mid-winter pick-me-up!

About The Author:

Beth Albright is a Tuscaloosa native, former Days of Our Lives actress, and former radio and TV talk show host. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Journalism. She is also a screenwriter, voice-over artist and mother. She is married to her college sweetheart, Ted. A perpetually homesick Southern Belle and a major Alabama Crimson Tide fan, she splits her time between San Francisco and, of course, Tuscaloosa.

Check out her website at www.thesassybelles.com

I purchased this book for my personal collection. I was not compensated for my opinion.

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Mary (Bookfan) said...

It sounds like such a fun series and one I want to try one of these days!