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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eyes Closed Tight by Peter Leonard - Book Blog Tour Stop and Review

About The Book:

O'Clair is a former Detroit homicide investigator who now owns a motel in Pompano Beach, Florida in his retirement. He runs the place with his much younger girlfriend, Virginia, who's a knockout and can fix anything. One morning, he’s cleaning up after the previous night’s partiers when he sees a lovely young woman stretched out asleep on a lounge chair. He shakes her gently. Then he touches her neck and feels for a pulse. There isn't one. Her skin is cold, body starting to stiffen, definitely in the early stages of rigor.

When a second girl is murdered, O'Clair knows someone is trying to send him a message. The way the girls are killed reminds O'Clair of a case he investigated years earlier. Now convinced the Pompano murders are related, O'Clair returns to Detroit Police Homicide to review the murder file and try to figure out what he might have missed.
And when Virginia is kidnapped by the killer, the stakes grow exponentially higher.
The most powerful work to date by one of the most thrilling suspense novelists of our time, EYES CLOSED TIGHT is relentless, surprising, and deeply satisfying.

My Thoughts:

I'm going to make this statement right up front - Do Not Read this book before bedtime!  Oh my goodness, talk about a goosebump raising, thrill-chilling roller-coaster of a book.  Right from the beginning author Peter Leonard grabs the reader by the lapels and doesn't let go until the very last break-taking chapter.

I liked the main character of Oak O'Claire - he's a smart, sarcastic retired detective turned motel owner who finds himself draw into a series of murder investigations that have a familiarity about them that he just can't shake. I also liked his lady friend, Virginia - she's a great foil for O'Claire and just as smart and sassy to boot.

I appreciated the way that Peter Leonard paced the story, not showing the murderer's hand too soon and keeping the action moving along at a nice clip. A lot of his late father's influence can be seen through Leonard's writing - but this is also a unique tale exclusive to the son.

"Eyes Closed Tight" should definitely be on your To-Be-Read list if you are a fan of suspense and thrillers. I hope that Leonard brings us more of O'Claire's stories in the future. I predict they would be a huge hit, as this novel is destined to be.

About The Author:

Peter Leonard lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and four children. He is a partner in the ad agency Leonard, Mayer & Tocco, Inc.  Leonard is the son of late author Elmore Leonard.

Check out his website at www.peterleonardbooks.com


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My thanks to Book Trib and Meryl L. Moss Media Relations for including me on this blog tour and for providing the review copy of this book.  I was not compensated for my opinion.

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